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By Robert Balajadia

Kyle Aguon (left) and Michinori Tanaka (right) both connect on their punches. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Kyle Aguon (left) and Michinori Tanaka (right) both connect on their punches. (photo by Andre Gadia)

It was the biggest fight of Kyle Aguon’s MMA career, but even the local favorite knew he didn’t do enough to win as he furiously slammed the PXC flooring with both hands after the 5th round bell.

The Bantamweight belt was Michinori Tanaka’s to lose and he made sure it stayed around his waist at the end of the night to go 9-0 in his MMA career.

Tanaka defeated Aguon via unanimous decision, headlining PXC 40 as the main event.

Tanaka worked a very physical game though Aguon did use his reach to avoid taking serious damage from the speedy striking of Tanaka.

It looked like the fight was beginning to shift towards Aguon’s direction after he sprung up towards the end of the 4th round and landed a kick to the body that appeared to hurt Tanaka. Other than that rally by Aguon in the 4th, Tanaka bested Aguon in nearly every category.

Aguon got the home crowd excited on a few submission attempts, but Tanaka’s ability to repeatedly escape made celebrating the submission attempt short lived.

Check out how all the fights went down with the complete fight play-by-play, including vicious knockouts by Kyle “Boom” Reyes and Roman Alvarez.

Complete Fight Recap

Roman Alvarez def. Jay Taijeron via 1st round KO

RD1: Alvarez swings with a heavy fist but misses. Alvarez throws a leg kick straight to the head of Taijeron that drops. Taijeron is not defending as Alvarez pounces on top and lands one punch forcing the referee stoppage. Alvarez knocks out Taijeron in the first 20 seconds of the fight.

Mklane Alfred def. Josh Duenas via Unanimous Decision

Mklane Alfred survived a dangerous first round which allowed him to outlast Josh Duenas. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Mklane Alfred survived a dangerous first round which allowed him to outlast Josh Duenas. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: Alfred throws a head kick that misses. Alfred sticking with the kicks as Duenas responds with jabs. Duenas gets a double-under takedown. Alfred attempting a guillotine choke but Duenas escapes. Fighters jockey for position. Duenas throwing elbows to the face of Alfred. Duenas attempting to get the back of Alfred but reigns down hammer fists instead. Duenas picking his spots while controlling the top of Alfred. Fighters get back to their feet with Alfred pressed against the cage. Alfred trying to take down Duenas after the reversal. Duenas landed a clean knee to the face of Alfred while Alfred was pressed against the cage. Alfred not defending strikes from Duenas. Alfred escapes further damage but still being controlled on the ground. Round ends with Duenas on top of Alfred.

RD2: Fighters size each other up. Alfred gets a single leg takedown and presses Duenas against the cage. Duenas tries to escape but Alfred manages to push into half-guard. Duenas connects with a shot from the bottom. Alfred in side control and transitions to half guard. Duenas gets a reversal and is not in half guard. Duenas and Alfred in a ground war. Duenas trying to work elbows to the chin of Alfred. Alfred defending his face from further damage. Duenas is staying in half guard trying to land strikes. Duenas now attempting a choke, but Alfred gets the reversal and is now in half guard. Alfred now throwing strikes from the top and grazes Duenas. Alfred gets Duenas in full guard ending the round.

RD3: Alfred throwing combinations and Duenas responds with a sold shot as well. Alfred sprawls a Duenas takedown and gains top position. Alfred throwing shots from the top but Duenas defends from damage. Alfred is in side control and both fighters continue the ground war. Alfred gets the back of Duenas and begins throwing strikes. Alfred attempting another shoe but transitions to half guard. Alfred throwing shots from the top that gets the crowd excited but Deunas hanging tough. Both fighters exhibiting fatigue but Alfred is the aggressor. Alfred still maintaing top position from the sprawl. Alfred works his way to a mount but Duenas escapes. Fight ends with Alfred on top.

Chuji Kato def. Tyrone Jones via Unanimous Decision

Tyrone Jones could not get past the wrestling of Choji. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Tyrone Jones could not get past the wrestling of Chuji Kato. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: Jones and Kato get wrapped and Kato trips up Jones. Jones now in full guard as Kato is working his ground game. Kato and Jones battling for position. Kato attempting a Kimora but Jones defends and escapes. Jones on the defense as Kato applies the pressure. Kato lands an elbow to the face of Jones. Kato revisits the right arm of Jones and tries to apply another lock. Mcarthy stands both fighters up. Kato and Jones size each other up. Jones flies in with a left hook but Kato lands a leg kick. Both fighters get tangled again but with Jones in full guard. Kato landing a short flurry of punches before the round ends.

RD2: Jones the aggressor but Kato wraps up Jones after a short exchange and drops Jones for another takedown. Jones on the defense and is landing elbows from the bottom. Kato stands up and gets a different position on Jones. Kato works his way to the back of Jones with Jones defending. Jones trying to shake off Kato and escapes danger by going into full guard. Kato able to take the back of Jones again as Jones tried to stand up. Kato trying to slap on the rear-naked choke but Jones escapes. Jones throws Kato off him and jumps on top before the end of the round.

RD3: Jones again the aggressor but Kato grabs Jones during the flurry and scores a takedown. Jones kicks Kato off but Kato continues applying pressure and Jones remains in full guard. Kato beginning to land a couple of strikes. Kato stands up and Jones trying to land shots from the top. Jones lands an up-kick from the bottom. Big John stands both fighters up. Jones tries to land a combination but Kato grabs him and judo throws Jones to the canvas again. Jones in half guard while Kato is battling for position. Kato controlling Jones from the top and the round ends.

Alvin Cacdac def. Trevin Jones via 2nd round submission

Alvin Cacdac attempts to choke out Trevin Jones with a tight guillotine. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Alvin Cacdac attempts to choke out Trevin Jones with a tight guillotine. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: Jones throwing a combination but Cacdac counters. Cadcac grabbing the neck of Jones trying to finish with a standing guillotine. Jones manages to trip up Cacdac but is still in the guillotine. Jones now releases from the choke and gains top position. Cacdac lands a reversal and starts to land a flurry on Jones. Fighters get back to the stand up game and Cacdac lands a couple of body shots that backs up Jones. Cacdac comes in with another combination but Jones counters with a double leg takedown that garnered cheers. Jones on top of Cacdac and trying to land shots. Cacdac defending well by holding Jones’ arms, preventing Jones from striking or choking. Fighters get back to their feet and Jones presses Cacdac against the cage. Cacdac trying to land knees while against the cage before the round ends.

RD2: Fighters exchange punches with Cacdac being the aggressor. Jones ducks to avoid a big head kick but is taken down after Cacdac quickly shoots in. Cacdac slaps on a side choke immediately and Jones appears to be in trouble. Cacdac forces Jones to tap via side choke.

Will Chope def. Takumi Nakayama via 3rd round TKO

Will Chope lands bombs to a defenseless Tak. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Will Chope lands bombs to a defenseless Takumi Nakayama in the 3rd round. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: Takumi and Chope exchange shots. Chope press Takumi against the cage. Takumi and Chope battle for clinch. Chope getting knees from the clinch. Fighters separate with Chope the aggressor. Fight stops after Takumi gets poked in the eye. Chope lands a kick to the body and takes Takumi down. Fighters resume standing. Chope aggressive with kicks as both fighters battle for clinch position again. Takumi gets the single leg takedown. Takumi tries to choke out Chope but escapes. Chope attempting to land up-kicks but Takumi avoids damage. Takumi jumps stop Chope as the round ends.

RD2: Takumi lands a flurry of punches that excites the crowd but Chope defends nicely. Chope grabs Takumi and fighters battle to the ground with Takumi on top. Takumi looking to stand up and does. Takumi landing big hits to the face of Chope but Chope keeps coming. Chope beginning to bleed from a cut on his eye. Takumi trips Chope and gains top position. Chope reverses and is now on top. Chope trying to hold a choke but gets a half mount instead and tries to strike from the top. Round ends with Chope kicking the leg of Takumi from the top.

RD3: Fighters exchange strikes. Takumi catches a leg to the body and closes in on Chope. Takumi avoids a head kick from Chope. Chope gets a mount on Takumi and reigns down strikes. Takumi tries to escape as Chope pours in strikes. Chope takes the back of Takumi and continues to throw down strikes forcing the referee stoppage.

Kyle Reyes def. Tae Kyun Kim via 1st round KO

Big John McCarthy comes to the aid of Kim after Kyle "Boom" Reyes landed a vicious knee that knocked out Kim as he tried to shoot for a takedown. (photo by Andre Gadia)

MMA Star Referee Big John McCarthy comes to the aid of Tae Kyun Kim after Kyle “Boom” Reyes landed a vicious knee that knocked out Kim as he tried to shoot for a takedown. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: Kim begins with a kick to the knee. Reyes flies in with a vicious looking head kick but misses. Both fighters exchanging strikes. Reyes working leg kicks on the right leg of Kim. Reyes lands a clean hook to the face of Kim but Kim shakes it off. Reyes throwing numerous leg kicks. Reyes tags Kim again with a straight right. Reyes lands a leg to the body and Kim exchanges with a combo. Reyes finding success with his jabs. Kim tags Reyes with a body shot and a short jab but Reyes lands a hook to the face and stumbles Kim and Reyes lands a flying knee that drops Kim to the canvas as Kim tried to dive in for a takedown. Reyes followed Kim to the ground but Kim was not responding nor protecting himself forcing the fight’s end.

Patricia Vidonic def. Mei Yamaguchi via Split Decision

Patricia Vidonic received an ugly kick to the lower body but she did enough to win the judges against Mei Yamaguchi. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Patricia Vidonic received an ugly kick to the lower body but she did enough to win the judges against Mei Yamaguchi. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: Vidonic throwing some short jabs bout missing. Mei follows up a nice kick with a combination. Mei pins Vidonic against the cage and lands a straight right. Mei takes down Vidonic while Vidonic is in full guard. Vidonic trying to work something from the bottom. Mei picks up Vidonic but takes a shot to the face while slamming Vidonic to the ground. Fighters resume standing. Fighters exchange with Mei landing a combination that backs up Vidonic. Mei successfully gets a single leg takedown. Mei tries to pick up Vidonic for another slam but doesn’t get the lift. Mei finishes the round with a nice combination.

RD2: Mei throws a leg kick but Vidonic catches it and lands short jabs. Mei throws another leg kick that is caught by Vidonic leading to more jabs with both fighters wrestling to the ground. Vidonic picks up Mei and slams her to the ground while getting her back. Vidonic landing shots to the face of Mei from the back. Crowd starts to chant USA. Mei responds by rolling on top of Vidonic for the reversal. Fighters remain grounded, jockeying for position with Vidonic in full guard. Vidonic attempts a triangle but Mei releases and both fighters are stood up. Vidonic and Mei exchange jabs. Vidonic gets a double leg takedown. Vidonic throws elbows from the top as the round ends.

RD3: Mei connects with a right hook that hurts Vidonic. Vidonic the aggressor but Mei lands more strikes. Mei lands another shot but Vidonic escapes damage by grabbing Mei. Vidonic still pressing action but Mei landing more strikes. Vidonic responds with a combination stumbling Mei but Mei hangs tough. Vidonic hurting Mei with more shots to the face, pressing Mei against the cage. Both girls exchange a flurry with uppercuts. Vidonc tries to land a knee from the clutch but men throws Vidonic to the ground and chases after her. Vidonic on the ground in full guard and attempts for an arm bar but Mei escapes. Mei landing hard shots from the top. Round ends with Mei and Vidonic exchanging shots from the bottom.

Bantamweight Title Fight

Michinori Tanaka def. Kyle Aguon via Unanimous Decision

Michinori Tanaka scored a bunch of takedowns on Kyle Aguon which helped him retain his bantamweight belt. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Michinori Tanaka scored a bunch of takedowns on Kyle Aguon which helped him retain his bantamweight belt. (photo by Andre Gadia)

RD1: Fighters size each other up. Tanaka proving he’s got speed with a flurry and kick combo but misses. Tanaka throws down Aguon and has top control. Aguon defending well. Aguon pushes Tanaka away but Tanaka keeps pressure and pins Aguon against the cage. Aguon gains the back of Tanaka but both fighters work their way to a stand up. Tanaka trips Aguon and is now on top. Aguon trying to work his way back to a stand up but Tanaka presses Aguon back to the ground. Tanaka has top position and is trying to flatten out Aguon. Round ends with Tanaka controlling the pace of the fight.

RD2: Tanaka misses with a seedy combination. Tanaka keeps Aguon at bay with a fast leg boddy kick. Tanaka wrestles Aguon to the ground and Aguon defends from full guard. Tanaka landing body shots from top position. Aguon trying to flip Tanaka over but Tanka stays grounded. Aguon working his way back to his feet. Aguon reverses Tanaka but both fighters work their way to a short stand up before Tanaka trips Aguon back to the ground. Aguon defends in full guard. Aguon bleeding badly from a cut above his right eye. Tanaka beginning to open up with some shots to the head. Aguon attempts a guillotine that gets the crowd excited but Tanaka escapes.

RD3: Aguon kicks Tanaka in the groin inadvertently and Aguon springs to a downed Tanaka. A reign of boo’s commence as the crowd believed it to be a clean kick. It was a clear groin kick. Fight resumes with Aguon pressing. Aguon throwing a short combination but Tanaka counters with a single leg takedown. Tanaka now pressing the action. Aguon works the fight to a stand up and scores a double leg takedown on Tanaka. Aguon attempts to takedown Tanaka but Tanaka overpowers Aguon to the ground. Aguon trying to escape shots from Tanaka but gives up his back. Aguon now defends in full guard. Aguon temporarily gets the arm of Tanaka but Tanaka escapes and now has Aguon in half guard as the round ends.

RD4: Tanaka still bouncing around the cage as Aguon slows his approach. Tanaka attempts a head kick but misses as Aguon tries to land a hook that Tanaka dodges as well. Fighters lock up and fall to the ground. Tanaka out wrestling Aguon in a brief standup before gaining top position on the ground again. Tanaka continues to press Aguon against the cage, controlling Aguon. Aguon and Tanaka have a brief stand up with Aguon pressing Tanaka with body kicks. Aguon lands another body kick that forces Tanaka to grab Aguon to escape. Aguon grabs a hold of Tanaka’s back on their way to the ground and lands a few strikes that get the crowd excited. Aguon works his way to a full mount but Tanaka flips Aguon off and gains top position.

RD5: Reach advantage aiding Aguon as Tanaka is not connecting on his strikes. Tanaka throwing quick hooks that graze Aguon. Tanaka getting the better of the exchange. Blood drops from Aguon’s face as Tanaka misses with another flurry. Aguon getting a couple of head shots followed by a shot to the body of Tanaka. Aguon’s reach giving him a strong striking advantage as he lands a straight right. Tanaka wraps up Aguon and wrestles him to the ground. Tanaka flattens out Aguon as the round expires.

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