📅18 November 2013
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PRESS RELEASE – The numbers are in, and it’s Pacific X-treme Combat by unanimous decision.

The latest AGB Nielsen survey has PXC 41 as the most-watched PXC event in history. The sold out Ynares Sports Arena and over 780,000+ MMA fans at home, witnessed Hawaiian Louis “The Last Samurai” Smolka strip the flyweight championship belt from Filipino hero Ale Cali and Gina Iniong become the very first Filipina to fight inside the PXC terror dome, winning her debut Pro MMA bout against French Nathalie Heidel.PXC

TV5 Executive Vitto Lazatin adds, “Since 2011, we have seen tremendous growth in both live audience & television viewership for Pacific X-treme Combat and PXC 41 proved that by delivering our best ratings yet. An average of 780,000+ Filipinos nationwide watched our latest event on TV5 based on the Nielsen Media National Urban TV Audience Measurement (NUTAM) data covering November 10. That, along with consistently sold-out shows, affirms our belief that Pacific X-treme Combat delivers the most exciting mixed martial arts action in the country to a local audience that is hungry for more.”

When asked about the success of PXC41, PXC President Joey Calvo states, “Our TV ratings confirm what we have been hearing from fighters and fans in the country for some time now. PXC is the top Pro MMA Competition in the Philippines!”

2012 was a significant year for Pro MMA in the Philippines, with five promotions all claiming to be the King of MMA in the country. Of the five, only PXC and ONE FC broadcast events on national television. When comparing ratings for the past three shows for both promotions, NUTAM and MEGATAM results show significantly more Filipinos tune into PXC to enjoy Pro MMA action. In fact, its latest, PXC 41, proved to be a certified TV blockbuster as it garnered a whopping 650,000+ more viewers than ONE FC’s latest show. Based on the latest AGB Nielsen survey PXC41 was watched by approximately 786,298 NUTAM and 484,307 MEGATAM while ONE FC received only 111,032 NUTAM and 96,264 MEGATAM.

PXC CEO EJ Calvo states, “the days of self-proclaimed kings of Asia MMA have come to an end! PXC is the King of TV Ratings in the Philippines and we can prove it.” Referring to the many controversial claims made by rival promotion, ONE FC, Calvo adds, “It is obvious by our latest TV ratings that MMA fans in the Philippines see through their smoke and mirrors and they know where to go for the highest quality Pro MMA action in Asia Pacific.”pxc ratings

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