📅14 April 2013
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Trucks create a wall of mud in the Mud Bog competition.  (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Trucks create a wall of mud in the Mud Bog competition. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

By Regina Shiroma


Joey Crisostomo rounds the corner of the course. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The 2013 Circle K 76 Smokin’ Wheels Weekend encompassed a load of competition and fun for racers and fans alike. Your weekend experience would not be complete if you did not come home Sunday evening caked in layers of dust, as evidence would be found over every inch of well… everything. Spectators have the Off-Road Buggies and Trucks Endurance to thank for all the dirt flying around.

After three hours, only 9 out of the 18 competitors made it through the brutal course; so brutal that it had former champion Ikuo Hanawa in the pit for about a half hour, buggies broke down in the middle of the course; one buggy even caught on fire.

John Walker, the 2011 champion, Scott Bachelder, and Chris Rabbetts took home top honors finishing with a total of 64 laps. At the start of the race, the words El Guapo Diablo “The Handsome Devil”, Walker’s nickname, could be seen outside Walker’s blue rig, but by the final lap the dust on the car made it unreadable. Walker was actually behind the leader up until the 46th lap. Local favorites Joey Crisostomo and Henry Simpson were ahead by three laps two hours into the race when they’re transmission broke, leaving them unable to finish the race.

Smokin Wheels Mud Bog 1

A truck runs his way through the mess of the Mud Bog. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

“That’s racing when you have mechanical breakdown, this track is very hard on cars,” said Crisostomo.

“I started in 18th place and worked my way up to first. By the half we had a three lap lead. Everything was running smooth, Henry and I switched. After about 5 laps that’s when the transmission broke,” said Crisostmo.

It was then that Walker took the lead.

“It was just a three hour race, you just keep on going, sometimes its the old tortoise and the hare stuff. ”



Buggies and Trucks Endurance Overall
John Walker
Uenishi, Tateiri, Koizumi
Keio Jamaguchi

Kids MiniBike Enduro Overall
Rowin S. Pereira
Stoney Bucek
Rollin S. Pereira

Mid-Open ATV Enduro
Daichi Horikawa and Hiromasa Kitada
Yoshihide Kubota & Shunsuke Tokuoka
Masanao Katayama & Kosuki Yamada

Big Bike Enduro
James Cepeda & Tye Lizama
Steven Santos & Greg Perez
Jacob Einloth & Gary Camacho

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