📅07 August 2013
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By Patrick Lujan

The life of UFC fighter Jon Tuck is not all glamour and glory. In order to tone his skills as a world-class mixed martial artist, Tuck moved his young family with him to Arizona earlier this year to do just that at The MMA Lab in Glendale.

GSPN catches up with our one and only UFC fighter (so far) during his brief visit back home before heading back to prepare for his second fight in the Octagon.

GSPN: How does it feel to be home after months away?

Jon Tuck and girlfriend Chrissy Cruz have stilled found time to train during their visit home with the likes of blackbelt mentor Brian Bamba. (courtesy photo)

Jon Tuck and girlfriend Chrissy Cruz have still found time to train during their visit home with the likes of blackbelt mentor Brian Bamba. (courtesy photo)

Tuck: It feels real awesome to be back home. Our island is so beautiful and being back to spend time with family is perfect!

GSPN: Any word on when you’ll be back in the Octagon?

Tuck: No word yet on when I will be back in the Octagon, but I am really hoping to fight in Houston on the Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos III in October. That would be an awesome card to get on because there are alot of Chamorros and people from Guam not only in Texas but also in that region, so it would be a bonus to put on an exciting fight for them and all of the world as well.

GSPN: You’ve changed your stateside camp, moving over to the MMA Lab in Arizona. What has that done for your overall game?

Tuck: Training at The MMA Lab in Arizona was one of the best things I could have ever done for my career. The level of training is so intense. I am completely different fighter. Not only do I train with so many world champions but I train with World Champion Coaches that I  have been improving drastically, not only physically but mentally. It is only a matter of time that I will be able to showcase all our hardwork with my new and refined skills.

GSPN: How does it feel when you bump into Guam folks out there?

Tuck: It is always a great feeling that I bump into many people from Guam and they always show me love. I love the fact and I am truly grateful that I have so many supporters in the mainland.

GSPN: You jumped right back in to training here, how was the reception from the Guam athletes?

Tuck: The guys have been training hard here on the island from what I have seen so it is exciting to see them in their upcoming competitions.

GSPN: You’ll be going to PXC 38. What do you think of the fight card? Which fight do you look forward to the most?

Tuck: PXC 38 is stacked! It is definitely going to be an exciting one. I am looking forward to watching each and every one of the fights. The ones that I am looking forward to is the Guam and Marianas boys vs. the world!

GSPN: How hard is it to be a UFC fighter?

Tuck: To be a UFC Fighter is not an easy task. So much countless hours of hard work and preparation, not only discipline and dedication. I am just blessed to be around amazing team of people to help me reach the highest level.

I thank God for blessing me with the strength to do what I do and blessed me with a beautiful family who greatly supports and believes in me. Thank you to all my friends & supporters throughout the island and various parts of the world. IT&E for being the best network by keeping me connected with my friends and family wherever I am at in the world, IP&E, Competidor, Pacific Island Mannge Popsicles Guam, Ray Martinez @ Calvo’s Insurance, Mid Pac Distributors, ReadyFight Gear, The MMA Lab, ARIS Physical Therapy and GSPN.

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