📅03 September 2014
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By Nate San Nicolas

Fitness and exercise could be considered essentials when you think of a long, healthy life. However, many know that it’s easier said than done. The intimidation of gruesome workouts five days a week and the monotony of strict diets is just sometimes unappealing. The Barretto brothers, Caleb and Topher, are both fitness entrepreneurs who believe that staying healthy is not gruesome or intimidating, but it can be fun as well.

Unified Fitness Center is a gym that takes crossfit and adds the Barretto brother flair to it. Both have experience from places like Europe and Hong Kong, learning from the world’s greatest athletes. Caleb earned his certification while in Japan, while Topher earned his in San Diego under Crossfit Star Jason Khalipa.

This three month-old unique gym offers a variety of classes for all. If you want to get your cardio in for the day, the heart-racing UnifiedBurn will do just the job, and if you’re looking to get gain that mass and strength, I can guarantee the intensity of their CrossfitBuild will have you waking-up the next morning feeling those muscle groups. However, the best thing about it all, the end of the workout will have you wanting more because it is that much fun.

Never having done a single crossfit session, I took on the challenge to see if this workout was really “fun.” The CrossfitBuild started with nothing I couldn’t handle, having me think to myself I was in pretty good shape – at least that’s what I thought. Midway through the workout, the struggle was real, the movements were complex and tough, but despite the challenge, I still wanted to continue working out when the session ended. Was it tough, yes (considering how I was rolling out of bed feeling those deadlifts the next morning) but it was fun. So fun, it left me wanting more.


Brothers Caleb and Topher Barretto have expressed their gratitude for all those who have helped Unified succeed. (photo courtesy of Unified’s Facebook page)

Looking back at the workout, it was not only the routine that I enjoyed, but the encouragement by the staff as well. The guidance by Caleb throughout the session was not only helpful but personable and reinforcing as well.

“We work out as a team. First thing I say when a class walks in to the gym is: As much as you’re here for yourself, we are here for everyone else, so we can push the limits and get the best results, together,” said Caleb, “And when people first come out, I tell them to not be scared, because we will go at their pace. After that, when they’ve stuck to the routines, their pace progressed faster and faster.”

The class I stood in had a variety of people, from young high school athletes to newly introduced fitness goers. The greatest feeling while working out was seeing everyone do it together; some competing and others helping each other get to the end. The gym is welcoming to all, whether you’re an avid athlete or a couch-potato deciding to finally get in shape. The personable and friendly atmosphere of Unified Fitness Center goes beyond lifting weights and doing laps to bettering one’s self overall.

“We are more so a philosophy – aiming to improve the quality of life. It just so happens we have a gym,” exclaimed Caleb.

A philosophy to better one’s life is pretty much the ultimate goal at the end of it all. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy and live a long life, but in the process, enjoying that long life is even more important. However, in order to enjoy it, you have to move, and that’s what Caleb and Topher have set out to do. They want get the community moving again, enjoying time with family and friends. Fitness is only a small part of the end goal these brothers are trying to achieve, which is to improve the quality of life outside that gym one deadlift at a time.


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