📅05 June 2014
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With the 2014 NBA Finals beginning Thursday (Friday Guam time) everyone has been buzzing over the rematch from last years finals that had the Miami Heat defeating the Spurs in 7 games, completing their second straight title. The Heat are out for the three-peat but the Spurs are hoping to get revenge after losing Game 6 in overtime due to Miami’s Ray Allen hitting as clutch a shot as you’ll ever see, with the Spurs ultimately losing the series.

Guam’s basketball community has sized up both teams and put their knowledge of the game forth giving you NBA finals predictions! Who do you have taking it all, in how many games and why?

Ed Manalac, 2013 Okkodo boys championship coach: Miami Heat in 7. Even if the odds seem to be in the Spurs favor, especially with home court on their side, it’s hard to pick against Lebron James and the defending champs. With a healthy Dwayne Wade on his side and a veteran supporting cast, I think Lebron is on a mission to carve his place in history among the greats. A three-peat will do that. Also, as great as Popovich is, I think Spoelstra will make enough of the right adjustments as the series unfolds to take the Heat over the top.

EJ Calvo, Guam men’s basketball head coach: Miami in 6. Stealing Game 1 in SA and all home games!

Patrick Lujan, GSPN owner: Spurs in 7. As hard as it is to go against the greatest player on the planet in LeBron James – it’s like betting against Michael Jordan. But the Spurs have the best system in the world. You have to see it to believe it. I’ve seen them live a couple of times and the way they move the ball is like no other. Every half-court set is different. And they’re bench is deep. Sugar K Leonard will be the key to slow down LBJ.

Robert Balajadia, GSPN Sports Director: Spurs in 7. Since the Finals format has been changed to 2-2-1-1-1 instead of the dreaded 2-3-2 format the Spurs have a better looking home court advantage denying the chance of being stuck in Miami for three straight games. The Spurs have a great home record and the one place Miami has struggled all season is on the road. Everyone knows the stars are coming out to play from both sides but the bench advantage goes to the Spurs with players like Manu Ginobili, Marco Belinelli and Boris Diaw. That is of course if Ginobili doesn’t stink it up like he did last year! The Heat have Ray Allen and hustle players on their bench, but they are not as versatile as the Spurs bench. LeBron will get his numbers and a healthier Dwayne Wade will give the Heat the best fighting chance against the Spurs as anyone, but the greatest Power Forward to ever play the game in Tim Duncan and the mastermind that is Gregg Popovich are going to grind out the pairs 5th championship together. Also, a healthy Kobe is coming back next year so we know who’s taking it in 2015!  (<– shameless Kobe plug in)

Eddie Pelkey, 2014 FD boys championship coach: Heat in 6. Lebron realizes now how close he is to being one of the greatest.  He knows that the comparison will always end up with “how many championships won” and winning this year puts him 2 shy of Kobe, 3 of Jordan.  Wade is healthy, which he has not been for the past 3 years. The age of the Spurs is starting to show again.  Parker now has has a series of different injuries in these playoffs, a sign of fatigue. Ginobli and Danny Green are inconsistent.

Jin Han, Guam Men’s National team, 2014 Sanchez Sharks head coach: I feel Spurs in 7. It’s real tough to 3-peat. Spurs are hungrier than ever and more improved from last year (they should’ve won in 6 but Ray Allen killed that). MVP- Tim Duncan. Main factor is Ginobili. If he comes off the bench and shoots well and makes great decisions. Last year he sucked and wasn’t healthy. Spurs almost had the Heat. Duncan and Parker (if healthy) will do their thing. X-Factor is Diaw. If he continues to shoot well and spread that floor then the Spurs are tough. Bosh is key for Miami. If he shoots well the Spurs will struggle but win in 7 .If he doesn’t shoot well, Spurs may end up winning in 6. Pops is a great coach and the Spurs core has been playing together the longest and successful.

Joe Blas, Guam Men’s National team: I got Miami in 6. First and foremost, I just feel that they best player in basketball deserves to win. It really all depends on how Bosh comes to play. If hes knocking down shots but not falling in love with the perimeter then Miami has a good chance. Solid defensively, effecient offensively, and The king…we’re good!

Joey ‘The Pretzel’ Gogue, basketball legend: Spurs in 6. Just rooting for the old school guys. Watch out for the Lakers next season (editor’s note: wishful thinking Pretz)

Derin Santos, Guam Women’s National Team: The Heat in 6. Miami has the momentum going for them along with the experience of being able to win games under pressure and they have all the star players that come through when it gets down to the wire. The “Big Three” (Miami) has a good supporting cast with guys like Ray Allen and Shane Battier.

William Stinnett, Guam Men’s National Team: Spurs in 6. Manu will be the MVP! The Spurs Bench is going to make the difference. The Heat won’t be able to match up and you see mismatches everywhere.

Seve Susuico, Guam Men’s National Team: Spurs in 7. Tim Duncan for mvp finals for his last season. Manu Ginobili hits two game winners and Matt Bonner will rise to the occasion. LeBron will choke for two games.

Michael Sakazaki, Chamande Silver Swords, Guam Men’s National Team: I have Heat winning in 6. It’s gonna be a great match up, but I think with the way LeBron is playing right now, no one can stop him. Why I also chose the Heat was due to the fact that Tony Parker isn’t at his 100% healthiest. It will be hard for his back up point guards to go up against the tough Heat defense.

Kurtis Silva, 2014 IIAAG League MVP Boys Basketball: Miami in 5. They can spread the floor. The Spurs have no rim protection against James and Miami will outrun the Spurs. The Heat want to make history and get the three-peat.

Alina Bonto, 2013 IIAAG League MVP Girls Basketball, Women’s National team: Spurs in 6 with the way they are playing now at least. It also depends on Tony Paker’s health as well.

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