📅06 June 2014
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By Patrick Lujan

Despite reeling off his first seven professional fights with victories, Jon Tuck finds himself in unchartered waters – rebounding from a tough loss.

Tuck steps back into the UFC Octagon this Sunday (Chamorro Standard Time) in UFC Fight Night 42 against newcomer Jake Lindsey at the Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

GSPN caught up with Tuck earlier this week as he prepares for his third UFC battle.

GSPN: This is your third UFC fight coming off of a tough loss to Norman Parke (on Oct. 26, 2013). What did that loss do to you as a fighter?

Tuck: The loss did many great things for me. Made me mentally stronger and gave an extra fire to never let anything stop me ever again from getting that victory.

GSPN: You shut down your Facebook page. Why?

Tuck: It’s currently under construction.

GSPN: Critics feel you don’t attack enough in the cage. Do you acknowledge that and if so, how do you adjust?

Tuck: I don’t see how critics would say that I don’t attack enough when in every fight I have had, I do my best to make each of them the Fight of the Night. I am also still growing and improving as a Martial Artist that I am looking forward to unleashing a new set of skills every time I get in the Octagon.

GSPN: Your next opponent (Jake Lindsey) is known as ‘The Librarian’. It was a switch from your original opponent who is known as ‘The Pink Panther’. How do you take these guys seriously with nicknames like that?

Tuck: I like that my opponents have some sense of humor. It’s a tough industry and I could be fighting a guy whose nickname is “Hello Kitty” but I take each of my opponents seriously regardless of their nickname.

Four other teammates from MMA Lab are on the same fight card. They are (L-R): John Moraga, Yaotzin Meza, Tuck, Benson Henderson and Piotr Hallman. (photo courtesy of Jon Tuck)

Four other teammates from MMA Lab are on the same fight card. They are (L-R): John Moraga, Yaotzin Meza, Tuck, Benson Henderson and Piotr Hallman. (photo courtesy of Jon Tuck)

GSPN: You’ve been out at The MMA Lab for about two years. How much has your game evolved since you first walked into those doors?

Tuck: My game physically and mentally has evolved tremendously in every aspect since I have first walked through those doors of The MMA Lab. I am constantly growing and getting better and couldn’t be more appreciative to be surrounded by such a great group of individuals who share the same passion as mine.

GSPN: You introduced the gym to guys like Josh Alvarez and Ricky Camp. What a great opportunity. How is it like having some of the Guam boys to go all the way over there to train?

Tuck: It is always great having the island boys come out and experience the full package and see what it takes to be a true professional athlete and mixed martial artist so that they can instill it into their game and evolve as well. The reward is to see them improve which helps make a better future for Guam in our respective sport.

GSPN: How do you like the matchup with the undefeated Librarian?

Tuck: I think it’s a great matchup with my opponent.  He’s making his UFC debut, so he’s looking to bring a fight and make a statement. With my type of fighting style that to me spells FOTN (Fight Of The Night) written all over it.

GSPN: Ben Henderson is the main card for the Jun 7th battle in Albuquerque, does it help that you guys are training together for the same fight card?

Tuck: It always helps when someone else is in camp alongside with you. I have four other teammates including Benson fighting on this same card who are John Moraga, Yaotzin Meza and Piotr Hallman. All of us pushing each other, working hard together with tremendous amount of motivation is only going to take us to the top. MMA Lab is going to go undefeated come fight night and another victory for Guam in the books.

GSPN: How much is riding on your UFC career with a win or a loss in this fight?

Tuck: I can only see the upside to my UFC career after winning my fight on June 7th

GSPN: How do you see this fight ending (of course, with you winning): a knockout, submission or decision?

Tuck: I can see the fight ending in spectacular fashion with my hand raised! You will just have to wait and see what I deliver on fight night.

Watch his fight LIVE on Fox Sports 1 at 10 a.m. Sunday (Guam time)

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