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Seven out of the eight fights in PXC 42 were left in the hands of the judges on a busy Friday night.

By Robert Balajadia

PXC 42 Round Recap

Tyrone Jones lands heavy elbows to the body of Josh Muna. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Tyrone Jones lands heavy elbows to the body of Josh Muna. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Tyrone Jones def. Josh Muna via unanimous decision

RD 1 – Both fighters throwing heavy fists. Jones lands a flurry that Muna defended well and just pushed Jones away. Fighters tangle up as Muna drags Jones to the ground. Jones lands a heavy shot to Muna as Muna was on the ground. Jones tries to land staples on Muna but Muna escapes. Fighters get back to their feet as Jones starts to pepper Muna away with jabs. Muna working on leg kicks as Jones avoids damage.  Muna slowing down with his striking. Jones takes a slow leg kick to the head from Muna, but Jones shakes it off. Jones the aggressor and landing solid strikes that appear to be hurting Muna. Jones now mixing up combinations with kicks as Muna grabs hold of Jones and presses him against the cage. Fighters separate and try to continue striking as the first round ends.

RD 2 – Jones opens round with leg kicks. Fighters missing with kicks and punches. Jones grabs hold of Muna and drags him to the ground, but Muna tries to flip Jones over and is unsuccessful. Jones tries to land shots from top position as Muna tries to escape. Jones throwing head shots from half guard. Fighters resume standing as Jones lands a combination on the way up. Both fighters appear gassed out with Muna hitting Jones with a kick as Jones shrugs it off. Jones now reading Muna’s kicks and defending well. Muna attempts a spinning leg kick that misses. Jones attempting jabs and leg kicks as Muna defends. Fighters moving at an even slower pace, appear to lose power in punches thrown. Muna presses Jones against the cage and lands knees before the round ends.

RD 3 – Jones opens final round with leg kicks and body shots. Muna utilizing feints. Muna eats a straight right while attempting a combination. Jones landing shots but Muna appears to shake them off. Jones lands a knee and some punches as Muna responds with a hook that gets the crowd excited. Jones grabs hold of Muna and drags him to the ground as Muna attempts a leg lock from the bottom but is unsuccessful. Jones now in half guard as he tries to flatten Muna. Jones landing elbows to the body of Muna. Jones landing more elbows to the body as Muna shifts position giving up side control. Muna flips Jones on a reversal as both fighters resume standing. Fighters clearly gassed out as neither is pressing action. Jones lands combination and grabs hold of Muna as he flips him to the canvas. Jones starting to land more strikes from the top as Muna defends well. Round ends with both fighters wrestling for position.

Shane Alvarez continues to impress in his young MMA career with the win over Jay Tenorio. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Shane Alvarez continues to impress in his young MMA career with the win over Jay Tenorio. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Shane Alvarez  def. Jay Tenorio via split decision

RD 1 – Alvarez throwing heavy hands and kicks that miss. Jay defends well and lands a couple of counter shots. Alvarez attempts a takedown as Jay lands another counter shot as both fighters fall to the ground. Alvarez gets the reversal and lands staples from side control. Alvarez and Tenorio working on the ground for position. Alvarez and Tenorio in north-south position. Alvarez trying to land shots from the top but Tenorio defending well. Fighters resume standing. Both fighters missing on combinations. Alvarez the aggressor as Tenorio lands good counter shots. Tenorio now pressing. Alvaresz lands a clean hook as Tenorio shakes it off. Tenior attempts a flying knee that grazes Alvarez. Blood appears to drip from Alvarez’ cheek as both fighters shake hands to end the round.

RD 2 – Fighters fixing each other up. Alvarez shoots but eats a knee that pushes Alvarez back. Blood starting to drip form Tenorio’s  nose. Alvarez gets backed into the action but escapes trying to land a flurry. Alvarez beginning to attack the legs of Tenorio. Tenorio comes in with a right as Alvarez counters with a takedown. Alvarez now in full guard and trying to land staples. Alvarez landing shots from the top as Tenorio tries to escape. Alvarez landing more elbow as Tenorio works to get out from underneath. Tenorio gets a clean reversal and is on top of Alvarez in half guard. Tenorio takes the back of Alvarez in a clean transition. Tenorio attempting a rear-naked choke as Alvarez continues to defend. Alvarez lands shots from the bottom and escapes as the round ends.

RD 3 – Alvarez working leg kicks to open the round. Alvarez lands a quick combo that catches Tenorio. Tenorio attempted a counter followed by head kicks that Alvarez avoids. Alvarez wrestles Tenorio to the ground. Alvarez has Tenorio in half guard as Tenorio reverses and is now on top in full guard. Fighters working on the ground canceling each other out. Referee Tony D’Angelo tells fighters to continue working but does not stand them up. Tenorio still his Alvarez in full guard but neither fighter is abel to break from the position. Tenorio now working to get the back of Alvarez but Alvarez defends using the cage. Tenorio hears the bell and attempts a reverse arm bar but Alvarez escapes before the round ended.

Trevin Jones gets his hand raised after the split decision as Ricky Camp looks on in disbelief. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Trevin Jones gets his hand raised after the split decision as Ricky Camp looks on in disbelief. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Trevin Jones def. Ricky Camp via split decision

RD 1 – Camp attempts leg kicks as Jones grabs hold of Camp and drags him to the ground. Jones presses Camp against the cage as fighters work for position. Camp attempting knees from the clinch as Jones still has Camp pressed against the cage. Jones and Camp exchange knees still against the cage. Fighters have not left the cage as they attempt to out wrestle each other. Jones knees Camp’s thighs as Camp reverses Jones against the cage. Jones flips Camp around as referee Cuki Alvarez separates both fighters. Camo attempts head kicks as Jones counters with kicks as well. The first round ends cut and dry with not much action between fighters.

RD 2 – Camp tries to land a hook and eats a counter shot from Jones that backs up Camp. Camp begins to land a couple of shots to the head of Jones as Jones presses Camp against the cage with shades of the first round. Crowd chanting for fighters to separate from the cage clinch. Camp hearing advice from his corner as Jones drags him to the ground while still pressed against the cage. Fighters resume standing against the cage. Jones attempts a trip as Camp flips the takedown on Jones and has Jones pressed against the cage on the ground. Camo trying to land shots from the top but Jones is defending his face well. Round ends with Camp atop Jones.

RD 3 – Camp lands a short combo. Jones grabs hold of Camp and presses him to the cage again. Alvarez separates both fighters. Jones beginning to bleed above his right eye. Jones press Camp against the cage again. Jones scores a takedown and takes the back of Camp. Jones and Camp still locked in ground grapple. Camp slips out of the hold and turns Jones over as the round ends.

Roman Alvarez had difficulty putting Mclain Alfred away but dominated for majority of the fight. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Roman Alvarez had difficulty putting Mclain Alfred away but dominated for majority of the fight. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Roman Alvarez def. Mclain Alfred via unanimous decision

RD 1 – Alfred attempts a body kick but Roman catches it and lands a shot that stuns Alfred. Fighters wrestle to the ground with Alvarez landing an abundance of elbows in a triangle formation. Alvarez opening a cut above the head of Alfred while still landing clean elbows. Alfred trying to defend as Roman trying to get an arm bar. Alvarez landing more elbows each time Alfred tries to escape. Alfred escapes the hold and attempts a guillotine choke on Alvarez. Alvarez gets away from the guillotine as both fighters wrestle for top position. Alfred attempting a standing guillotine as Alvarez escapes and lands short jabs to end the round. Clearly a 10-8 round for Alvarez.

RD 2 – Alvarez lands a body kick but Alfred scores a takedown. Alfred and Alvarez in full guard. Alfred tries to take the back of Alvarez but Alvarez escapes. Alvarez gets the full mount and tries to posture up. Alvarez now gets the back to Alfred and is attempting a rear-naked. Alvarez lets it go and is not reigning strikes from the top. Alvarez still working for the rear-naked choke but Alfred escapes and now has Alvarez in full-guard. Both fighters exchanging strikes from the top and bottom appearing to do no damage. Alfred slips off the back of Alvarez while trying to gain control and Alvarez reverses and attempts to take the back of Alfred. Round ends with Alvarez rolling Alfred around.

RD 3 – Alfred eats a counter punch but is able to get the takedown. Alfred and Alvarez in full guard as Alfred tries to pass. Alvarez trying to break the hold but Alfred denying Alvarez a chance to stand. Alvarez lands an up kick as Alfred jumps a top Alvarez. Alfred lands punches from the top but Alvarez landing from the bottom as well. Fighters resume standing as Alfred presses Alvarez against the cage. Alfred scores a takedown but Alvarez quickly escapes. Alvarez gets the back of Alfred again and is attempting a rear-naked as Alfred defends. Round ends with Alvarez trying to pull off the choke.

The female fighters won the crowds vote for fight of the night in their non-stop three-room action fest. (photo by Andre Gadia)

The female fighters won the crowds vote for fight of the night in their non-stop three-round action fest. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Kailin Curran def. Yoo Jin Jung via unanimous decision (GSPN Fight of the Night)

RD 1 – Jung, in her MMA debut out of Korean Top Team, lands kicks and punches that stun Curran but Curran still the aggressor. Curran shows good defense and lands a combination that puts a smile on Jung. Curran flowing more freely in her attempts letting her kicks fly. Curran lands a body shot that presses Jung against the cage. Jung responds with jabs as Curran chases and lands more shots to the face of Jung. Curran pressing action and looks like the more confident striker. Jung lands a body kick that backs up Curran and the crowd responds with cheers, the loudest its been all fight night. Curran attempts a takedown but Jung defends well. Jung and Curran exchange leg kicks. Curran now pressing as Jung lands counter shots that press Curran against he cage. Jung using front kicks to create space between the fighters. Round ends with Jung beginning to bleed from the nose. Easily a first-round draw.

RD 2 – Jung comes out with a flurry and tags Curran. Curran lands a kick that stumbles Jung but Jung gets back up and gets the better of a leg kick exchange. Fighters beginning to slow down while throwing kicks. A boxing clinch ensues with both fighters having a brief exchange. Jung lands a combination that appears to do no damage to Curran. Both fighters beginning to slow down in strikes and kicks.Jung lands a hook and Curran responds with a flurry that led to an exchange with both fighters standings strong. Curran and Jung exchanging punches and catching each others body kicks. Curran eats a head kick while throwing a hook that catches Jung to get cheers from the crowd as the round ends.

RD 3 – Jung looking to land kicks as Curran wants to throw head shots. Both fighters not backing down and taking hits from each other. Jung uses a leg kick jab combination to score points. Curran pressing action and eats a short jab while attempting a jab herself. Curran missing up her striking. Curran landing precision strikes to the face of Jung. Curran lans a leg kick followed by a straight left that bounces Jung off the cage. Jung dodges a spinning head kick from Curran. Currn lands a straight right that backs up Jung but Jung responds with leg kicks. Jung beginning to bleed more from the nose as fighters exchange punches in a quick spurt. Bell rings as both fighters end the round on a short exchange. Crowd goes wild in the closest match in a night of close matches.

Yusuke Yachi never let Kyle Reyes get comfortable and managed to get a decisive decision victory. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Yusuke Yachi never let Kyle Reyes get comfortable and managed to get a decisive unanimous decision victory. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Yusuke Yachi def. Kyle Reyes via unanimous decision

RD 1 – Yachi lands a head kick that backs up Reyes. Reyes responds with kicks and straights. Yachi catches Reyes leg kick and tackles Reyes to the ground. Reyes attempting submission holds as Yuske tries to slap on a guillotine choke. Yachi getting elbows to the side of the head of Reyes. Yachi not letting Reyes head free. Reyes tries to climb the back of Yachi and wrestles Yachi to the ground. Reyes escapes a sneaky submission hold but gives up his back. Yachi controlling the action as he atop Reyes and tries to take his back. Yachi controlling the action and landing hard strikes form the top as Reyes tries to defend. Reyes escapes damage from the punches but Yachi keeps pouring them on. Yachi attempts an arm bar but Reyes escapes the submission as the round ends. Yachi is a step or two quicker than Reyes at this point.

RD 2 – Yachi making use of feints and lands a head kick. Reyes cuts Yachi above the eye. Yachi still mixing up strikes. Yachi throwing vicious combinations and ending each with a head kick that checks Reyes. Blood streams down Yahchi’s head but it hasn’t slow him down. Reyes eats a straight while landing a left hook. Reyes missing with his strikes, looking for only the big blow. Yachi keeping Reyes guessing with different strikes that don’t appear to be doing too much damage but Reyes is slowing down. Reyes grabs Yachi and wrestles him to the floor. Reyes quickly takes Yachi’s back but Yachi escapes. Reyes now in full mount but Yachi escapes and fighters are now locked in a lag tangle to end the round.

RD 3 – Yachi still bouncing around the cage, does not appear to be tired. Reyes taking the calm approach. Reyes putting a lot of power in strikes but are not landing. Reyes throwing more power in strikes but Yachi evading. Yachi whipping leg kicks but Reyes avoiding damage. Reyes lands a quick counter but Yachi escapes further damage. Blood from the Yachi’s cut opened again. Yachi landing more combinations. Reyes throwing leg kicks and chases Yachi, btu Yachi grabs hold and scores a takedown on Reyes. Yachi landing shots from side mount. Yachi controlling action on the ground and both fighters end the fight in their feet as Reyes throws a flurry that misses. Back to the drawing board for ‘Boom’ Reyes.

Frank Camacho was hit with his toughest octagon challenge yet in the veteran Keita Nakamura. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Frank Camacho was hit with his toughest octagon challenge yet in the veteran Keita Nakamura. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Frank Camacho def. Keita Nakamura via unanimous decision

RD 1 – Camacho lands the first hit after sizing up Keita. Both fighters picking their spots and not rushing in. Frank lands a combination that drops Keita and Camacho tries to finish it with upper cuts. Keita grabs hold of Camacho and wrestles him to the ground. Both fighters work their way back to their feet as Keita presses Frank against the cage. Frank hits Keita with quick uppercuts that bloody the lip of Keita. Camacho lands a short combo that backs up Keita as Keita presses Camacho against the cage. Frank letting his hands fly and landing shots to the head of Keita. Frank gets tagged with a short jab from Keita that opens up a cut above Camacho’s eye before the round ends.

RD 2 – Keita locks up Frank against the cage as Frank tried to tried to hit heavy with heavy fists. During the lockup, Camacho see shoulders to hit the chin of Keita. Keita still shooting for takedowns as both fighters begin to bleed from cuts suffered in the first round. Keita working on taking the back of Frank and is almost successful. Keita landing shots from the top of Frank as Camacho breaks escapes the back grab. Keita landing strikes on Camacho while in the clinch. Keita controlling the pace of the fight and not letting Frank out of his hold. Camacho lands a counter as Keita shot in but Keita steps back to avoid further damage. Camacho landing shots but Keita still pressing forward as Keita presses Camacho against the cage. Camacho’s takedown defense is flawless.

RD 3 – Fighters exchange shots that don’t appear to damage the other. Keita still looking to grab hold of Camacho but Camacho presses Keita against the cage. Keita and Frank exchange with Frank appearing to do more damage but Keita grabs hold of Frank again as both fighters revisit the cage. Frank showing good defense sprawling the takedowns of Keita. Both fighters bleeding from earlier cuts. Frank damaged Keita with a straight right but Keita tries for another takedown as Camacho Sprawls. Frank and Keita stand and trade shots as Frank gets a second wind and throws heavy shots. Camacho slapping his own face letting all his remaining energy out in the late exchange that got the crowd off their feet. The Guam and CNMI fans cheer as their local fighter rebounds with a big victory over a tough and seasoned opponent.

Jang Yong Kim def. Toby Misech via 2nd round submission

RD 1 – Misech unloads quick flurry of strikes. Misech appears more comfortable as Kim is not responding in the striking game. Kim on defense as Misech displays speed. Kim attempts a takedown but Misech sprawls immediately and lands a counter shot to Kim’s temple. Misech buttering up Kim with combinations. Kim hits Misech below the belt and fight has to be stopped. Kim did not hear the time call and landed a late hit to the mid section of Misech. Misech spending time to recover, he has five fill minutes. Misech times in with a quick combo. Kim nearly hits Misech in groin again and gets his last warning from referee Tony D’Angelo. Kim scores a takedown before the round ends. Misech looks too fast with combinations from all angles.

RD 2 – Misech comes out swinging but does not have range on his strikes as Kim backs away. Misech sprawls a takedown as Kim presses Misech to the cage. Fighters resume standing and give off a brief exchange. Kim starting to open up Misech with jabs and uppercuts. Kim presses Misech to the cage with jabs and Misech throws a counter jab before escaping the flurry. Kim chasing Misech to the cage where he lands a combination followed by a takedown. Kim flattening out Misech and manages to grab hold of Misech’s left arm. Misech in trouble as Kim continues to pull for a possible kimura. Kim cranks out the kimura submission forcing Misech to tap ending the fight. Kim successfully defends his title for the first time. In celebration, he dangerously pulls off a backflip from the top of the cage into the center of the Terrordome. It’s almost 12:30 a.m. Good night GSPN readers!


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