📅24 September 2015
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(This is a profile featuring competitors in this Saturday’s Guam International Fitness Championships at the Leo Palace)

Name: Oscar Parra

Age: 33

Competing in what category: Men’s Physique Division

General Background: Originally from Colombia but I moved to Tampa FL when I was 16 years old.

Profession: Military Police at the US Navy

Family: I have a beautiful wife, her name is Francine with whom I have two lovely daughters.

Hobbies, sports? Run, Crossfit, and listening to music

How did you first hear about the Championships and what motivated you to compete? My friend Frank made it a challenge for me to compete. I was asking him for a diet plan and he agreed to do it if I did this competition with him haha.

Do you have experience? When? What contest(s)? No , this is going to be my first time competing

How long have you been training?  I have been lifting for over seven years but I have never done a diet like this before.

What’s your training regimen/strategy? I work out five times a week, cardio everyday minimum of 30 minutes each session. I also train at Chamorri CrossFit to do some high intensity cardio.

Top 5 must do exercises? Incline chest barbell, squats, hammer curls, lat pulldowns, and triceps pulldowns.

What does your daily diet look like? Well, It’s pretty much the same every day but it is pretty easy to cook. My wife is not a fan of my foods, she said they are boring. I do chicken, tuna, rice, red potatos, and gallon of water daily.

Highlights and struggles during contest prep? It’s been a complete challenge. It is a really hard thing to do and maintain, I mean to stay away from the foods you enjoy – it is real struggle. It is also pretty hard because at home my kids and wife are constantly pigging out and all I can do is watch.

Favorite song to listening to during training and or cardio session? All I listen to is Spanish music, anything from fast beats to slow jams.

33-year-old Oscar Parra will be featured in the men's physique competition. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)

33-year-old Oscar Parra will be featured in the men’s physique competition. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)

Tip of the day or favorite motivational quote you would like to share? If getting fit and competing is your goal, just do it. Stay away from the nay sayers, stick to people who have the same goals as you and stay to the plan, and believe me every sweat and pain in the process will be worth it at the end. My dad used to tell me that I can do anything I want in life all I need to do its to be committed and work hard for it. I heard this once and sticked in my head “There is not trick, no easy way or substitute to old fashion hard work”. Work as hard as you can to achieve your goals and there is no way why you can’t accomplish them.

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