📅03 May 2015
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By Robert Balajadia

The fight of the century didn’t quite unfold as the majority of the world had hoped. The Guam faithful, including Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio who was in attendance, stood behind their champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and celebrated every move he made as he tangled, or in most cases chased, Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the most anticipated fight of this generation.

When the final decision came with Mayweather clearing a unanimous victory, less than a two-hand count of boxing fans at the Hilton resort were left celebrating.


Floyd fan Jeremy Bell

“Mayweather got more accurate, clean, crisp punches, and that’s why he won the fight. Manny throws flurries, and not many of them connected today,” said boxing fan Jeremy Bell.

“I had a solo celebration for myself afterwards because I follow boxing and I enjoy the sweet science of it. Mayweather’s win today was very technical.”

Facebook and Twitter feeds were blowing up with negativity towards the still undefeated champ for claims of running away, hugging, and avoiding a stand up brawl.

Though the now 48-0 Mayweather has made one long and impressive career off of his defensive style, many fans were put off with his unwillingness to trade blows.

“I think it was judge correctly, but it just showed that Floyd is not a real fighter. He spend so much time running around. If you call yourself a fighter then fight! Manny wanted to fight, Floyd is not the better fighter,” said Pacquiao faithful Abe Calingo.

Manny fans Abe Calingo and Anthony Finona.

Manny fans Abe Calingo and Anthony Finona.

“I knew if it went to decision that it was going to go to Mayweather. That’s the way Floyd fights and he did get some good hits on Manny,” said fan Anthony Finona.

Other fans believe that Pacquiao shouldn’t have lost the fight at all and that the UD win should have swayed in the way of the pride of the Philippines.

“I had it Manny Pacquiao!” said fan Nestor Abalos. “Manny threw a lot of flurry shots and Floyd did a lot of running away.”

Pacquiao fans celebrated heavily the 3rd and 4th round where the power of the fan favorite was displayed, tagging the champion with combos and clean jabs.

“I thought Manny was going to come out in the 7th or 8th round. I picked Manny to knock Floyd out in the 6th round, but the later rounds got a little livelier. It was a good fight,” added Abalos.

Manny fan Nestor Abalos and his wife were rocking shirts in support of Pacquiao.

Manny fan Nestor Abalos and his wife were rocking shirts in support of Pacquiao.

Towards the latter rounds, most noticeably the 8th to 12th, the Manny fans (pun intended) of the room started to worry with Pacquiao’s inability to cause damage to the elusive Mayweather.

At one series, Manny had Floyd against the ropes and was landing seemingly heavy blows, but the champion shrugged it off saying “nope” to show he was taking no damage.

The biggest fighting event of this generation wasn’t won by the people’s champ, but instead by one of the most polarizing athletes the world has ever seen. Floyd may still be the best in the business with the records to prove it, but the Pacquiao faithful are never going to let this loss go down quietly.

Most especially since Manny himself believed that he won the fight and said so in the post fight interview, along with calling out Mayweather for running away from him.

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