📅28 September 2015
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PRESS RELEASE – Guam International Raceway Motorcycle and Atv Corporation (GIRMAC)

Monster Energy 2015 Guam Motocross Championships Round 11

For the second weekend in a row the Guam International Raceway saw a lot of mudslinging all being slung by two and four wheeled motocross machines. Round 11 of the Monster Energy 2015 Guam Motocross Championships once again was accompanied by heavy rain making for some truly challenging conditions. Classes ranged from 50cc kids minibikes up to the full sized 450 monsters of the Open Atv and Motorcycles classes. Racing kicked off at just about noon and went on until all the classes had all seen their time on the course.

Race Highlights

In first of two heats in the Open Motorcycle class several riders jumped out to an early lead #18 John Aguon, #75 Jeff Rios, and #89 Bobby Benson all had a great starts over the rest of the field. Benson on his Honda was up front leading but had the challenging conditions cause him to go down in a slick corner giving the lead to Rios and Aguon.

The two did battle with #277 Mike Shaffer able to make quick work and capture the lead. Meanwhile reigning champ #1 JR Cepeda was recovering from a mediocre start and was slicing his way through the field. At the checkers of heat one the #277 Honda of Mike Shaffer took the win with #75 Jeff Rios in second with Cepeda in third.

At the start of heat two the #1 of Cepeda was taking no chances taking full advantage of a better start off the gate to pull away from the rest of the field of championship contenders. At the finish it was Cepeda in first, Rios second and with Shaffer finishing in third. Overall results for round 11 it was #1 JR Cepeda on his Cycles Plus Kawasaki first, #277 Mike Shaffer on a Honda second and #75 Jeff Rios on the AutoWorks supported Yamaha taking third. The rest of the field finished as follows.

4th #89 Bobby Benson Honda
5th #18 John Aguon Yamaha
6th #100 Steve Turo Kawasaki
7th #29 Brady Kruize Suzuki
8th #17 Franklin Perez Kawasaki
9th #19 Zachary Chang Honda
10th #12 Ethan Manibusan
11th #83 Ceasar Whitt Kawasaki
12th #94 Deven Manibusan
13th #332 Zadrian Tallada Kawasaki

In the Open Atv class #83 Daniel Champion aboard a Honda took the lead and held it while #11 John Gilman on a Yamaha and #7 Matt Taimanglo also on a Yamaha battled for second. Coming from last place off the gate #1 Robert Bucek aboard the Cycles Plus Suzuki started putting pressure on the #7 of Taimanglo and after a heated two lap battle Bucek made the pass to take third. Next up for Bucek was the #11 of Gilman who had not made it easy for Bucek to get past.

Gilman did a good job in defending his second place position but after several hard fought laps the veteran racer Bucek made an outside to inside slingshot move in the fastest corner on the course to take the second place position. Meanwhile the leader Daniel Champion was nearly a quarter of a lap ahead of Bucek who was slowly reeling him in. At the final checkers it was the #1 of Bucek taking the overall win with #83 Daniel Champion taking second and with Gilman taking third.

In the Kids Open Minibike class defending champion #1 Sasha Song aboard a Honda led both heats to take the overall class win. Taking second was rookie racer #94 Jessthan Pano on a Kawasaki with third place going to #25 Ethan Turo on a Kawasaki. The rest of the Open Minibike field finished as follows.

In the challenging conditions #29 Brady Kruize has reigning champ Cepeda hot on his heels.

In the challenging conditions #29 Brady Kruize has reigning champ Cepeda hot on his heels.

4th #100 Kein Artero Honda
5th #4 Tobin Perez Kawasaki
6th #75 Owen Rios Kawasaki
7th #11 Blaze Aiken Honda
8th #23 Jordan Leon Guerrero Kawasaki
9th #12 Yuna Song Honda
10th #111 Alucious Meddler Kawasaki
11th #7 Darian Chang Kawasaki
12th #20 Gavin Whitt Kawasaki

450cc Motorcycle

#75 Jeff Rios Yamaha 50pts
#89 Bobby Benson Honda 42pts
#18 John Aguon Yamaha 42pts
#83 Cesar Whitt Kawasaki 34pts
#19 Zachary Chang Honda 34pts

250cc Motorcycle

#1 JR Cepeda Kawasaki 47pts
#277 Mike Shaffer Honda 47pts
#100 Steve Turo Kawasaki 40pts
#29 Brady Kruize Suzuki 34pts
#47 Franklin Perez Kawasaki 33pts
#12 Ethan Manibusan 29pts
#94 Deven Manibusan 16pts
#332 Zadrian Tallada Kawasaki 13pts

Vet Over 40 Motorcycle

#75 Jeff Rios Yamaha 50pts
#100 Steve Turo Kawasaki 44pts
#83 Ceasar Whitt Kawasaki 40pts

150cc Minibike

#1 Sasha Song Honda 50pts
#111 Kein Artero Honda 40pts
#25 Ethan Turo Kawasaki 38pts
#11 Blaze Aiken Honda 38pts
#12 Yuna Song Honda 36pts

85cc Minibike

#4 Tobin Perez Kawasaki 47pts
#94 Jessthan Pano Kawasaki 47pts
#75 Owen Rios Kawasaki 42pts
#23 Jordan Leon Guerrero Kawasaki 36pts
#111 Alucious Meddler Kawasaki 32pts
#7 Darian Chang Kawasaki 29pts
#20 Gavin Whitt Kawasaki 29pts

65cc Minibike

#76 Deven Encina Kawasaki 50pts
#50 Owen Turo Kawasaki 44pts
#20 Gavin Whitt Kawasaki 36pts
#25 Laurence Limtiaco Kawasaki 36pts
#31 Richard Wenden 33pts
#74 Damien Manibusan Suzuki 33pts

50cc Minibike

#12 Jessani Leon Guerrero 50pts
#11 Ellie Maume 44pts

Round 12 will be the final event of the Monster Energy 2015 Guam Motocross Championships will be held on Sunday October 11th at the Guam International Raceway. Gates open at 9am with racing set to begin at 11 30am.

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