📅12 November 2015
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By Patrick Lujan

Move over Zach Banner, you have company in Southern California. Another amazing athlete with Chamorro bloodlines will be joining you.

Madilyn ‘Bubba’ Nickles just announced hours ago that she has signed on with the UCLA Bruins to play women’s softball.

“I had this dream my whole life and it’s finally coming true,” Nickles wrote on her Instagram. “The feeling I have about signing for an athletic scholarship is indescribable. Excited to officially be a part of the UCLA family. Set your goals high and never stop! #StayHungry”

Bubba has been so good at softball, she had a verbal scholarship offer from the Bruins since her freshman year in high school back in 2012.

“All four years (of high school), I knew where I wanted to go to school,” Nickles told GSPN. “The challenge was how I can get better as a player so I don’t lose that scholarship. The weight was off my shoulder once I signed it (this morning), because now it’s official. There’s no turning back.”

The Bruins lead all college schools with 11 NCAA championships, 19 championship appearances and 24 College World Series appearances.

Needless to say, Bubba is going to a softball powerhouse. “It’s pretty cool that I’m going to be a part of that program.”

As for her position at UCLA, Nickles says the team has her down as a pitcher/utility player.

She was the youngest member of the USA Jr. National Team that went undefeated to win the Junior Women’s World Championship in August and will be the third national player on the Bruins roster next season.

Bubba, who’s been playing since she was 4-years-old, will be trying out for the Women’s National Team in January in Irvine, California.

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Reporter’s Note: When told that GSPN will be hosting Royce Gracie on Guam this weekend, she said, “oh wow, how cool!” Her mom Natalie is from Inarajan.

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