📅09 April 2015
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By John Baza

With the spike of weightlifting and cross fit goers on the rise, there is no doubt that fitness and lifting is gaining popularity once again. Following the Guam Weightlifting Federation’s invitational competition, GSPN decided to catch up with a local veteran in the island’s weightlifting community.

Edgar Molinos is definitely no stranger to the sport, as he has represented the island in weightlifting in the South Pacific Games, 4 times to be exact, and most notably the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. GSPN was able to get in touch with Edgar for some quick Q&A.

GSPN: What first got you into weight lifting and eventually lead you into getting involved at the competitive level?

EM: What first got me in weightlifting was back in 1987 when a friend wanted to lift weights to get stronger by doing bodybuilding. We were both redirected to Olympic weightlifting at the UOG fieldhouse. Our coach Mike Cukovic saw a potential in me and at the same time I was hooked with Olympic weightlifting. That got me qualified to compete in ’87 SPG in New Caledonia.

GSPN: You represented Guam for weightlifting at the SPG’s throughout the 90’s, please describe your experiences and the medals you received.

EM: I represented Guam for weightlifting in ’87, ’91, ’95 & ’99, taking both bronze medals in ’91 & ’95. I was able to experience the competitiveness and develop a strong friendship with lifters in other countries.

(NOTE: Edgar also competed with his younger brothers, Mark and Manny Molinos at the ’99 SPG’s held here on Guam.)

Ed Molinas demonstrating heavy lifting during training. (courtesy photo)

Ed Molinas demonstrating heavy lifting during training. (courtesy photo)

GSPN: You’ve competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics at Barcelona, what was that like?

EM: I qualified to compete in the ‘92 Olympics by taking bronze medal in ’91 SPG in Papua New Guinea.
I got to experience a very high caliber of competition and was able to lift and break my personal best. I also made all six lifts with no miss all while being watched by the world.

GSPN: Surely weightlifting at such a high caliber of competition requires discipline and dedication, what was your training regimen/routine like leading up to competition?

EM: First of all, I was the only lifter training for a competition most of the time. My training routine was every evening for 2 hours with strenuous workout except on Sundays to rest and re-cooperate. Then Monday I repeat the process.

GSPN: Of all your accomplishments and accolades, is there a specific one that you hold dear to your weightlifting career?

EM: The accomplishment I hold most dear and no one can take away is competing in ’92 Barcelona Spain Olympics and being an Olympian.

GSPN: Do you still continue to weightlift these days?

EM: I just got back to training again after a 13 year layoff. I’m also coaching weight lifting at the Chamorri Cross fit in Tamuning.

GSPN: Anybody you would like to credit for amassing such a successful weightlifting career?

EM: I would like to credit my coach Mike Chukovic who never gave up and always believed in me. If it weren’t for him forcing me to lift, I would not have been what/where I am today.

GSPN: Any advice you would like to give to those who seek to compete in weightlifting on island?

EM: For all you lifters seeking to compete, set a goal, never give up and always believe in yourself and train hard but safely.

(courtesy photo)

(courtesy photo)




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