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Check out all the action from the Yigo Fiesta Motorcross event this past Sunday.

PRESS RELEASE – Sponsored by Ed Cruz LLC and with the support of the Yigo village Mayor Rudy Matanane and Vice Mayor Anthony P. Sanchez Guam’s motocross fans were treated this past Sunday to a special day of nonstop two and four wheeled village fiesta motocross action. Our Lady of Lourdes Yigo Fiesta hosted the first of several planned village fiesta motocross events.

A great venue located within the Ghura 506 next to Simon Sanchez High School was chosen where a course was laid out with the support of Rocky Mountain Precast and veteran racer Kim Aikens. The course was then lined out with cones provided by the Guam Home Center making for an excellent motocross layout. Sunday morning to start off the event a Learn to Ride program put on by Cycles Plus was held and was very well received with now more such programs to be scheduled in the near future.

Cycles Plus provided intro machines and safety gear along with instructors for those first time riders interested in learning the proper and safe way to ride a motorcycle and or atv. The next Learn to Ride program by Cycles Plus will be held at the Umatac Discovery Day Motocross on Sunday March 1st. Interested individuals should contact Cycles Plus to sign up. The motocross racing took place after lunch and with several classes having competed the racing lasted all day. With the support of Smithbridge who had a water truck on site to provide track dust suppression the Ghura 506 residents and all the fans enjoyed a day of tight action packed village fiesta motocross minus all the dust

Highlights and results

Open Motorcycle

#57 Kim Aikens launches his Honda off one of the jumps during Fiesta motocross action Sunday in Yigo. (photo by Vanessa King)

#57 Kim Aikens launches his Honda off one of the jumps during Fiesta motocross action Sunday in Yigo. (photo by Vanessa King)

With eighteen riders lined up and revving their motors in anticipation the Open Motorcycle class had not just the grounds surrounding the course vibrating to the rumble but the rumble could be felt in everyone’s chest as well. As the flag dropped for the start it was as if an explosion had gone off as the racers stampeded towards the first turn.

Getting to the turn first was none other than reigning Monster Energy Guam Motocross Champion JR Cepeda riding the #1 plated Cycles Plus Kawasaki who made easy work of the course to take the win. Coming back to racing after several years off #76 John Aguon took second with #4 Nolan Minor in third, #75 Jeff Rios fourth and #25 Larry Limtiaco rounding out the top five.

In the Open Atv class #83 Daniel Champion on a Suzuki in his very first fiesta motocross event grabbed the early lead over a swarm of atv’s that included the reigning Open Atv champ #1 Robert Bucek aboard the Cycles Plus Suzuki. Bucek put on a charge to eventually take the overall win with Daniel Champion taking second, #15 Albert Garlitt on a Kawasaki in third, #11 John Gilman aboard a Yamaha was fourth and #25 Thomas Lujan on a Yamaha rounded out the top five.

In the Open Minibike class #2 Stoney Bucek on a Cycles Plus Kawasaki took the win with #8 Ry’niko Camacho on a Yamaha in second and #75 Owen Rios aboard a Autoworks supported Kawasaki in third. Rounding out the top five respectively were #111 Blaze Aiken on a Honda and #25 Ethan Turo aboard a Kawasaki.

In the 65cc Minibike class #31 Robert Encina aboard he Phillips and Sons supported Kawasaki took the win over his cousin #76 Deven Encina also aboard a very fast Phillips and Sons supported Kawasaki. Placing third was 65cc Guam champion #50 Owen Turo on his Kawasaki with #25 Laurence Limtiaco in fourth and #20 Gavin Whitt in fifth.

The youngest riders hit the track in the 50cc Minibike class and saw Thomas King on a Yamaha take the win with #31 Richard Wenden on a Yamaha taking second and Mariana Wenden also aboard a Yamaha placing third.

Fans were treated to a Trophy Kart exhibition that saw former Guam Senator Michael Limtiaco take the win over Dongman Chang. The Trophy Karts put on an exciting show and was a crowd pleaser.

Up next for Guam’s motocross racers and fans will be this coming Sundays final warm up motocross out at the Guam International Raceway before the March 15th start of the 12 round 2015 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships.

The next scheduled village fiesta motocross event will be held on Sunday March 1st next to the Umatac Bridge as part of the Umatac Discovery Day celebrations. Special thanks to the Yigo Mayors Office, Rocky Mountain Precast, Cycles Plus, Yamaha, Smithbridge, Phillips and Sons Equipment Rental, Monster Energy, Guam Home Center, Flamingo Restaurant, Encina Equipment, Pacific Trucking Guam, Hawaiian Rock Products, and all event volunteers.

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Open Motorcycle

#1 JR Cepeda Kawasaki 50pts

#76 John Aguon Yamaha 44pts

#4 Nolan Minor Yamaha 40pts

#75 Jeff Rios Yamaha 36pts

#25 Larry Limtiaco Kawasaki 32pts

#57 Kim Aiken Honda 30pts

#100 Steve Turo Kawasaki 28pts

#8 Shawn Aguilo Kawasaki 26pts

#30 Deven Manibusan Kawasaki 24pts

#318 Rudy King Yamaha 22pts

#38 Jesse Pangelinan 20pts

#19 Zachary Chang Honda 18pts

#15 Ethan Manibusan Honda 16pts

#99 Isaac Bajajadia Honda 14pts

#83 Ceasar Whitt Yamaha 12pts

#111 Joe Flemming 10pts

#332 Zadrian Tallada Yamaha 8pts

#28 Brad Gomez Kawasaki 6pts


450cc Motorcycle

#76 John Aguon Yamaha 50pts

#75 Jeff Rios Yamaha 44pts

#25 Larry Limtiaco Kawasaki 40pts

#57 Kim Aiken Honda 36pts

#38 Jesse Pangelinan 32pts

#19 Zachary Chang Honda 30pts

#15 Ethan Manibusan Honda 28pts

#99 Isaac Bajajadia Honda 26pts

#83 Ceasar Whitt Yamaha 24pts

#111 Joe Flemming 22pts

#332 Zadrian Tallada Yamaha 20pts


250cc Motorcycle

#1 JR Cepeda Kawasaki 50pts

#4 Nolan Minor Yamaha 44pts

#100 Steve Turo Kawasaki 40pts

#8 Shawn Aguilo Kawasaki 36ptspts

#30 Deven Manibusan Kawasaki 32ptspts

#318 Rudy King Yamaha 30pts

#28 Brad Gomez Kawasaki 28pts


Vet Over 40 Motorcycle

#75 Jeff Rios Yamaha 50pts

#25 Larry Limtiaco Kawasaki 44pts

#57 Kim Aiken Honda 40pts

#100 Steve Turo Kawasaki 36pts

#38 Jesse Pangelinan 32pts

#83 Ceasar Whitt Yamaha 30pts


Open Atv

#1 Robert Bucek Suzuki 47pts

#83 Daniel Champion 47pts

#15 Albert Garlitt 40pts

#11 John Gilman 36pts

#25 Thomas Lujan 32pts


Open Minibike

#2 Stoney Bucek Kawasaki 50pts

#8 Ryniko Camacho Yamaha 42pts

#75 Owen Rios Kawasaki 40pts

#111 Blaze Aiken Honda 36pts

#25 Ethan Turo Kawasaki 34pts

#5 Jordan Leon Guerrero Kawasaki 30pts

#111 Kawasaki 28pts


150cc Minibike

#25 Ethan Turo Kawasaki 47pts

#111 Blaze Aiken Honda 47pts


85cc Minibike

#2 Stoney Bucek Kawasaki 50pts

#75 Owen Rios Kawasaki 42pts

#8 Ryniko Camacho Yamaha 42pts

#5 Jordan Leon Guerrero Kawasaki 36pts

#111 Kawasaki 32pts

65cc podium: 1st Robert Encina,2nd  Deven Encina, 3rd Owen Rios, 4th Laurence Limtiaco (photo by Vanessa King)

65cc podium: 1st Robert Encina,2nd Deven Encina, 3rd Owen Rios, 4th Laurence Limtiaco (photo by Vanessa King)


65cc Minibike

#31 Robert Encina Kawasaki 50pts

#76 Deven Encina Kawasaki 44pts

#50 Owen Turo Kawasaki 40pts

#25 Laurence Limtiaco Kawasaki 36pts

#20 Gavin Whitt Kawasaki 32pts


50cc Minibike

Thomas King Yamaha 47pts

#31 Richard Wenden Yamaha 47pts

Mariana Wenden Yamaha 40pts


Kids Mini Atv

#74 Wyatt Drx 50pts

Trent King Kawasaki 44pts


Trophy Karts

Michael Limtiaco

Dongman Chang



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