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By Regina Shiroma

The inaugural 2012 GSPN Jiu Jistu tournament ran its course Saturday, featuring over 170 competitors, ranging from the kids in the white belt division to the experts in the absolute brown belt division. A thousand fans walked through the double doors of the UOG Field House that housed the daylong tournament. And just as promised, fans were treated to an appearance and autograph session with MMA legend, Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva, and a “super fight” between Makoto Aramaki of Hong Kong Jiu Jitsu versus Clark Gracie of Gracie Elite.

The super fight silenced the previously loud crowd, as the two elite practitioners went at it on the mat. Gracie came out the victor via submission, two minutes into the match, forcing Aramaki into an ankle lock.

As word went around that the Axe Murderer was on his way, the fans ever so patiently awaited his arrival. Silva showed up midway through the tournament, watching some of the white belt matches and then moved on to sign autographs.

Super Fight

By Robert Balajadia

Makoto Aramaki and Clark Gracie pose together right after their superfight during the GSPN Jiu Jitsu Open. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The much anticipated super fight between Gracie Elite’s Clark Gracie and Makoto Aaramaki at the 2012 GSPN open was concluded in a matter of three minutes with Gracie forcing Aaramaki to submit via ankle lock.

The match between black belts was slated for 15 minutes and everyone in the building let their “ooh’s and aah’s” flood the UOG field house as Gracie and Aramaki began to move around on the mat after walking around and sizing each other up. After a short scurry for top position, Gracie found an opening and grabbed the ankle of Aramaki forcing him to let out a shriek of obvious pain and one single tap to admit defeat.

“It was kind of a scramble in the beginning and then we were moving really fast and I was really tense and then I calmed myself down and started thinking, ‘Hey, I’ve got 15 minutes,’ so I could take my time. I started trying to go for an arm bar attack, omoplata and then he sat back and knew it was coming but his foot stayed behind and he was attacking my foot so then I decided to attack his foot too and just stuck with it,” stated Gracie.

Gracie is no stranger to big stages having won multiple jiu jitsu tournaments and has captured titles including the 2011Samurai Jiu-Jitsu Pro Cup Champion, 2009 World No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Champion, 2010 New York Open Champion, and is also a 3x American National Champion (2010, 2006, 2005).

Competing in front of the hundreds at the UOG field house did not mount extra pressure for Gracie, he considers all the attention a normality. “It’s getting more and more common for me because I’ve been competing more. I’ve been doing all the major tournaments ever since I’ve been a black belt, trying to get experience and challenge the best guys out there.”

Aramaki, the two-time All Japan Champion, had his ankle taped up and was limping around the field house showing the discomfort of his injury. He was considered by Gracie a great opponent and the quick defeat may have overshadowed how skilled Aramaki truly is. Though, Aramaki was in good spirit taking pictures with some of the fans and locals during the duration of the tournament.

With the little time Gracie has spent on Guam he was able to soak in a positive experience. “Guam is great, everybody is super friendly and the food is good. I love the warm weather, ocean, and beautiful beaches.”



Brown Belt Absolute 

Absolute: Joe Taimanglo (Spike 22) def. David Tuncap (Purebred)
Absolute: Eric Sian (Purebred) def. Ferrid Kheder (Universal Alliance)

GOLD –  Eric Sian (Purebred) def. Joe Taimanglo (Spike 22)
BRONZE – Ferrid Kheder (Universal Alliance) def. David Tuncap (Purebred)

Medals: GOLD – Eric Sian (Purebred), SILVER – Joe Taimanglo (Spike 22), BRONZE – Ferrid Kheder (Universal Alliance)

Purple Belt 

First Round

Middle/Middle Heavy: Skyler Taitano (Carlson Gracie) def. Kenneth Conception (Purebred)
Heavy:  Edward Santos (Vida) def. Larron Gandaoli (Purebred)
Light: Nathan Santos (Vida) def. Jeremiah San Nicolas (Carlson Gracie)
Feather/Rooster: Kevin Cruz (Carlson Gracie) def. Alfred Mcklane (Vida)


Middle-Heavy: Ruben Revis (UA) def. Skyler Taitano (Carlson Gracie)
Light: Nathan Santos (Vida) def. Matthew Neilson (UX/GTT)


GOLD –  Middle/Heavy: Edward Santos (Vida) def. Ruben Revis  (Universal Alliance)
GOLD – Feather/Light: Kevin Cruz (Carlson Gracie) def. Nathan Santos (Vida)
BRONZE – Heavy: Skyler Taitano (Carlson Gracie) def. Larron Gandoli (Purebred)
BRONZE – Light: Mathew Neilson (UX/GTT) def. Alfred Mcklane (Vida)

Medals Heavy/Middle : GOLD – Edward Santos (Vida), SILVER –  Ruben Revis (Universal Alliance), BRONZE – Skyler Taitano (Carlson Gracie)
Medals Light/Feather : GOLD – Kevin Cruz (Carlson Gracie), SILVER – Nathan Santos (Vida), BRONZE – Mathew Neilson (UX/GTT)

Blue Belt

First Round:

Light: Drew Palomo (UX/Vida) def. Derrrick Calvo (Carlson Gracie)
Light: Gary Garrido (Universal Alliance) def. Jacob Terlaje (Carlson Gracie)
Light: Ronny Borja (Mixbreed) def. Josh Daga (Carlson Gracie)
Light: Anthony Cruz (Purebred) def. Michael Penaso (Universal Alliance)
Light: Bo Martinez (Universal Alliance) def. Michael Terlaje (Gracie Barra)
Light: Zach Tenorio (Carlson Gracie) def. Tyrone Jones (UX/GTT)
Feather: Mark San Nicolas (Carlson Gracie) def. Nathaniel Chase (Barrigada Submission Center)
Feather: Kenji Okiyama (Spike 22) def. Tony Cabrera (Not Available)
Feather: David Harris (Purebred) def. Richard Quenga (UX/GTT)
Feather: Joe Tenorio (Carlson Gracie) def. Trevor Nielson (UX/GTT)
Super Heavy: Ron Brewster (Universal Alliance) def. Erik Flores (Vida)

Second Round:

Light: Drew Palomo (UX/Vida) def. Christian Lastimoza (Carlson Gracie)
Light: Micah Tobias (Spike 22) def. Gary Garrdio (Universal Alliance)
Light: Anthony Cruz (Purebred) def. Ronny Borja (Mixbreed)
Light: Zach Tenorio (Carlson Gracie) def. Bo Martinez (Universal Alliance)
Feather: Trevin Jones (GTT) def. Mark San Nicolas (Carlson Gracie)


Light: Drew Palomo (UX/Vida) def. Micah Tobias (Spike 22)
Light: Anthony Cruz (Purebred) def. Zach Tenorio (Carlson Gracie)
Feather: David Harris (Purebred) def. Joe Tenorio (Carlson Gracie)
Feather: Trevin Jones (GTT) def. Kenji Okiyama (Spike 22)
Ultra Heavy: Roque Martinez (Spike 22) def. Andrew Ohls (Carlson Gracie)
Ultra Heavy: Ray-Jo San Nicolas (Carlson Grace) def. Ron Brewster (Universal Alliance)

Finals/Medal Matches

GOLD – Middle Heavy: Christopher Nededong (Purebred) def. Jason Iriarte (Universal Alliance)
GOLD – Middle: Ryan Bustamante (Universal Alliance) def. Jonathan Mendiola (Gracie Barra)
GOLD – Light: Drew Palomo (UX/Vida) def. Anthony Cruz (Purebred)
GOLD – Feather: David Harris (Purebred) def. Trevin Jones (GTT)
GOLD – Ultra Heavy: Ray-Jo San Nicolas (Carlson Gracie) def. Roque Martinez (Spike 22)
BRONZE – Light: Micah Tobias (Spike 22) def. Zach Tenorio (Carlson Gracie)
BRONZE – Feather: Joe Tenorio (Carlson Gracie) def. Kenji Okiyama (Spike 22)

Medal Winners

Feather: GOLD – David Harris (Purebred), SILVER – Trevin Jones, BRONZE – Joe Tenorio (Carlson Gracie)
Light: GOLD – Drew Palomo (UX/Vida), SILVER – Anthony Cruz (Purebred), BRONZE – Micah Tobias (Spike 22)
Middle Heavy: GOLD – Christopher Nededong (Purebred), SILVER – Jason Iriarte (Universal Alliance)
Middle: GOLD – Ryan Bustamante (Universal Alliance), SILVER – Jonathan Mendiola (Gracie Barra)
Ultra Heavy: GOLD – Ray-Jo San Nicolas (Carlson Gracie), SILVER – Roque Martinez (Spike 22), BRONZE – Ron Brewster (Universal Alliance)

White Belts

First Round

Feather: Wilfredo Salinas (Purebred) def. Ian Harris (Purebred)
Feather: Tanner Bombstad (Carlson Grcaie) def. Travis Santos (Mixbreed)
Feather: Laurens Alferos (Gracie Barra) def. Jesse Opena (Not Available)
Feather: Jarome Cruz (UX/GTT) def. Louis Lim (Purebred)
Light Feather: Kyle Cruz (Carlson Gracie) def. Brandon Taijeron (Mixed Breed)
Light Feather: Tino Santos (Mixed Breed) def. Marvin Flores (UX/GTT)
Light Feather: Rob Wusstig (Universal Alliance) def. Scotty Campos (Not available)
Light Feather: Rod Casas (Comquest) def. Robby Wells (Carlson Gracie)
Middle: Christian Blas (Carlson Gracie) def. Oliver James Cruz (Purebred)
Middle: Dan Velten (Comquest) def. Darrell Cabrera (Comquest)
Middle: Ryan Curtis (Comquest) def. Ian David Santos (Carlson Gracie)
Middle: Kerry Harris (Purebred) def. Ignacio James Leon Guerrero (Barrigada Submission Center)
Rooster: Daniel Cayanan (Purebred) def. Neekal Goetsfridt (Comquest)
Rooster: Jun San Nicolas (Ground-fu) def. Joseph Roque (Not available)
Rooster:  Joshua Untalan (Purebred) def. Keith Pocaigue (Ground-Fu)
Rooster: CJ Quitugua (Universal Alliance) def. Pacholo Taladoc (Barrigada Submission Center)
Heavy: Jose McDermott (UX/Vida) def. Matt Camacho (Gracie Barra)
Heavy: Steven Cruz (Vida) def. Leonard Jr. Kaae (Universal Alliance)
Heavy: Mike Dagsaaon (Ground-Fu) def Millan Jacob (Spike 22)

Second Round:

Feather: Dwayne Padua (Vida) def. Tanner Bombstad (Carlson Gracie)


Feather: Dwayne Padua (Vida) def. Wilfredo Salinas (Purebred)
Feather: Jarome Cruz (UX/GTT) def. Laurens Alferos (Gracie Barra)
Light Feather: Kyle Cruz (Carlson Gracie) def. Tino Santos (Mixed Breed)
Light Feather: Rob Wusstig (Universal Alliance) def. Rod Casas (Comquest)
Middle: Dan Velten (Comquest) def. Christain Blas (Carlson Gracie)
Middle: Kerry Harris (Purbered) def. Ryan Curtis (Comquest)


GOLD – Light: Rob Wusstig (Universal Alliance) def. Kyle Cruz (Carlson Gracie)
GOLD – Middle: Dan Velton (Comquest) def. Kerry Harris (Purebred)
GOLD – Rooster: Jun San Nicolas (Ground-Fu) def. CJ Quitugua (Universal Alliance)
GOLD – Super Heavy: Delshawn Threatt (Carlson Gracie) def. Andrew Lewis (Carlson Gracie)
BRONZE – Light: Rod Casas  (Comquest) def. Tino Santos (Mixbreed)
BRONZE – Middle: Christian Blas (Carlson Gracie) def. Ryan Curtis (Comquest)
BRONZE – Rooster: Daniel Cayanan (Purebred) def. Joshua Untalan (Purebred)

Medal Winners

Light: GOLD – Rob Wusstig (Universal Alliance), SILVER – Kyle Cruz (Carlson Gracie), BRONZE – Rod Casas (Comquest)
Middle: GOLD – Dan Velton (Comquest), SILVER – Kerry Harris (Purebred), BRONZE – Christian Blas (Carlson Gracie)
Rooster: GOLD – Jun San Nicolas (Ground-Fu), SILVER – CJ Quitugua (Universal Alliance), BRONZE – Daniel Cayanan (Purebred)
Heavy: GOLD – Delshawn Threatt (Carlson Gracie), SILVER – Andrew Lewis (Carlson Gracie), BRONZE – Khanehla Kenworthy (Barrigada Submission Center)

Kids Division

Medal Winners
Peewee- GOLD – Clowe Rapolla, SILVER – Lance Galarpe, BRONZE – Jaython Cruz
Pewee2- GOLD – Ronnie Jr. Duenas, SILVER – Colin Santiago, BRONZE – Toby Pocaigue
Mighty Mites- GOLD – Stussy Shimizu, SILVER – Zander Taitano, BRONZE – Jon Leon Guerrero
Might Mites2- GOLD – William Ludwig, SILVER – Ghrace Santos, BRONZE – Devin Okada
Juniors Light Feather- GOLD – Marcus Manglona, SILVER – Brian Roberto
Juniors Middle – GOLD – Odin Mendiola

Juniors II – GOLD – Cory Quitugua, SILVER – Christian




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