📅06 August 2012
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By Errol “DynamiX” Alegre, Jr.

After four weeks of competitive racing, the 2012 Summer Paddling Series concluded in dramatic fashion Sunday morning at Matapang Beach in Tumon.

“Win or lose, barbeque!” was a cheer continuously yelled as each team gave it their all to try and accumulate as much points as they can in the last set of races for the series.

Guatdan Tasi came into the championship weekend with intentions to take yet another trophy in the men’s division. After guesstimating the amount of points they, and other teams have accumulated throughout the season, the two-time defending champions knew it would be a close matchup between their longtime rival, Animun Tasi.

Animun Tasi took second place overall in the men’s division of the series. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The final heat of the men’s division was definitely a crowd pleaser as it featured four top teams aiming to finish with the fastest time. Adding on to the intensifying race was the familiar rivalry between Guatdan Tasi and Animun Tasi. All four boats got off to a fast start at the sound of the horn but it was Guatdan Tasi who first reached the turnaround point. Surprisingly, the defending champions took a bit longer than usual to complete the turn which allowed Animun Tasi, and the super-strength team Taotao Galaide, to close in; it was a nail-biting conclusion as all three teams finished just inches apart. The heat ended with Taotao Galaide coming in first, followed by Guatdan Tasi then Animun Tasi.

Team Kepuha finished first overall for the women’s open division. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Finishing strong, in the overall heat, for the men’s division was Taotao Galaide and Taotao Galaide II who took first and second overall with times of 2:17 and 2:18, respectively. Guatdan Tasi finished third with a time of two minutes, 19 seconds finishing only 90 milliseconds ahead of Animun Tasi who took fourth.

The final 500-meter sprint gave spectators an intensifying race for all divisions. But in the end, it was the accumulation of points that would determine the overall champions. After times were finalized and points were tallied, it was once again Guatdan Tasi who took the championship in the men’s division for their third straight year.

The final winners for all divisions are as follows:

Neni Division:
1st Magas Hugua
2nd Fanihien Tasi
3rd Magas Hatsa

Open Women’s Division:
1st Kepuha
2nd Animun Tasi “Metgot”
3rd Tulos

Open Men’s Division:
1st Guatdan Tasi
2nd Animun Tasi “Metgot”
3rd Taotao Galaide

Junior Men’s Division:
1st Guatdan Tasi “Real”
2nd Guatdan Tasi “Este”
3rd Fanihien Tasi
Open Mix Division:
1st Animun Tasi “Metgot”
2nd Kepuha
3rd Taotao Galaide

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