📅14 July 2012
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By Crystal Aguon

Para Todu’s Kimberly Taguacta drops an elbow to the face of Comrades defender Erica Quichocho after stiff arming Quichocho out of the way. (photo by Errol Alegre Jr.)

While this was another unpredictable Saturday where Guam’s weather played mind games with it’s on and off rain and sun, outside the UOG field house was another day full of 7’s rugby. The Para Todu Red and the Blue Comrades started the women’s games and it was an exciting game at that. Almost every player on the field from both teams were once high school rugby stars. Players that were once teammates became opponents, and old opponents became teammates. Though each team had their pocketful of experienced rugby players, Para Todu came out on top 19-7.

Para Todu kicked-off on the whistle making it land perfectly on the ten-meter line as well as straight into the Comrades’ hands. It wasn’t long until the Comrades turned the ball over with a knock on. Though both teams contested in a well-fought scrum, the ball ended up in Para Todu’s favor. A penalty called on the Comrades allowed Para Todu’s Maria Sgro to push her way up about fifteen meters before being taken down. In the play to follow, another penalty against the Comrades caused Para Todu’s wing, Isabel Flores, to run down the sideline with the Comrades on her tail.

“My sister and I always talk about the game when we get home. We get so competitive with each other, so in a way we always push each other,” Flores said.

In spite of the defensive pressure, Flores found the time to make it all the way to the center of the try zone. Para Todu’s Kimberly Taguacta made the conversion to put Para Todu on the scoreboard, 7-0.

Comrades’ Adrianna Cruz gets wrapped up by Para Todu defenders Maria Sgro and Isabella Flores. (photo by Errol Alegre Jr.)

The Comrades would not let the try phase their game. Receiving the ball once again, the Comrades moved the ball across the field for a near break away until Taguacta swept in and managed to stop the Comrades chance of scoring. Unfortunately, for Para Todu, Taguacta was penalized, giving the Comrades an advantage. Between a struggle for the ball possession of territory, Flores once again stunned her opponents as she broke through three attempted tackles, finding herself at the same exact spot as her first try.

“It’s a great feeling to score like that, it really helps with gaining self-confidence,” stated Flores.

With the half coming to a close and the score 12-0 after a missed conversion, another knock on by the Comrades gave Para Todu one more chance to execute. Para Todu’s Captain gave a lead kick that traveled about twenty meters. While three Comrades went after the ball, Cierra’s baby sister, Kimberly Taguacta, blew past them in a matter of seconds obtaining possession, scoring another try for Para Todu, and completing the conversion.

“My sister and I always had this sister connection thing in rugby” Kimberly Taguacta said.

Para Todu’s Avalon Romero attempts the take down on Comrades’ Marlissa Mendoza. (photo by Errol Alegre Jr.)

Para Todu had a comfortable 19-0 lead going into the second half; however, the Comrades did not leave without a fight. The Comrades refused to be scored on for the remainder of the game. A goal line stand from the Comrades prevented Para Todu from scoring while being only a few meters shy of the try line.

Standing only ten meters short of a score, Comrades Erica Quichocho delivered her team’s only try. The conversion was made and the final whistle was blown.

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