📅16 October 2012
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By Patrick Lujan

Purebred/Team Lloyd Irvin was the big winner for Guam’s delegation to the Asian Open in Tokyo over the weekend. (courtesy photo)

Purebred/Team Lloyd Irvin captured the team gold medal in the Asian Open – Novice category over the weekend in Tokyo, Japan.

Purebred lightweight black belt Jonathan Torres was the biggest winner, taking the gold in both the lightweight and open class.

Purebred took home 13 of Guam’s 15 gold medals and 32 of the 45 overall Guam medals.

More than 50 jiu jitsu practitioners from Guam travelled to Tokyo to take part in the bi-annual event.

 Gold Medal

RayPaul Jardon (Purebred): white, rooster

Antonio Quichocho (Purebred): white, ultra heavyweight

Sumika San Nicolas (Spike 22): white, rooster

Rebecca Tomada (Purebred): white, lightweight

Erik Flores (Vida  BJJ): white master, ultra heavyweight

http://iconnectasia.com/iconnectguam/Glenn Biscoe (Purebred): white senior, featherweight

Mark Smith (Purebred): white senior, heavyweight

John-Eddie Moser (Purebred): blue, heavyweight

Alan Cepeda (Purebred): purple, lightweight

Eric Sian (Purebred): brown, heavyweight

Joshua Jerome (Purebred): brown, ultra heavyweight

Frank Cruz, Jr. (Purebred): brown senior, middleweight

Jonathan Torres (Purebred): black, lightweight

Jonathan Torres (Purebred): black, open

Jared Weiner (Purebred): black master, lightweight

Spike 22 also did well with a hand full of medals. (courtesy photo)

Silver Medal

Bobby Onedera (Spike 22): white, featherweight

John Ojeda (Spike 22): white, medium-heavyweight

Brogan Walker (Purebred): white, lightweight

Jon Branch (Purebred): white senior, heavyweight

John-Eddie Moser (Purebred): blue, open

Joshua Santos (Vida BJJ): purple, lightweight

Edward Santos (Vida BJJ): purple, heavyweight

June Sun (Purebred): purple master, lightweight

Larron Gandaoli (Purebred): purple master, middleweight

Steve Shimizu (Purebred): purple senior, middleweight

Mark Pangilinan (Purebred): brown senior, lightweight

Stephen Roberto (Purebred): black master, heavyweight

Patrick Fleming (Purebred): black senior, lightweight


Bronze Medal

Cameron Mantanona (Purebred): white, light featherweight

Sergio Torres Ramos, (Spike 22): white, middleweight

Nakisha Onedera, Michele Catahay (Spike 22): white, light featherweight

Paulette Saure (Spike 22): white, featherweight

Jeremiah San Nicolas (Calrson Gracie): blue, lightweight

Jade Anthony Blas (Purebred): blue, lightweight

Skyyler Taitano (Calrson Gracie): blue, middleweight

Roque Martinez (Spike 22): blue, ultra heavyweight

D.J. Camacho (Purebred): blue master, lightweight

Dara Roberto (Purebred): purple, lightweight

Larron Gandaoli (Purebred): purple master, open

Frank Cruz, Jr. (Purebred): brown senior, open

Terence Aflague (Purebred): black master, middleweight

William Escobar (Purebred): black master, middleweight

Stephen Roberto (Purebred): black master, open

Terence Aflague (Purebred): black master, open

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