📅12 August 2012
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By Regina Shiroma

Para Todu’s Vinson Calvo kicks a short punt over Southern Colts’ Adrian Atalig. (photo by Errol Alegre Jr.)

Para Todu red and the Southern Colts went head to head in one of the many games of the Heineken Guam Rugby Sevens Tournament that took place Saturday at the UOG field. Para Todu trounced the Colts 36 -5, utilizing the gaps on offense and dominating in their forward game.

Para Todu was aided in the win with a pair of quick, fresh legs. Kenji Amano flew in from Japan on Friday to compete in the island’s first sevens tournament. The winger used his speed and agility against the opposition to race down the sideline. Para Todu also took advantage of their size, winning the scrums and rucks throughout the match.

Para Todu’s Kenji Amano jukes past Southern Colts’ Don Apiag. (photo by Errol Alegre Jr.)

Para Todu built up a 17-0  lead at the half  with tries from Edward Calvo, Basil O’Mallan, and Kenji Amano. Although the Colts were down, they still put up a fight, preventing a few tries and cut short the possible breakaways for Para Todu.

Opening the second half, Earl Pascual made his way to the try zone from 25 yards out, shoving off two tackles along the way and making the score 22-0.

Southern Colts winger, Peter Santiago, scored the lone try for his team. In the ensuing kick-off, Para Todu took advantage of the short kick, and capitalized for another try and conversion. O’Mallen caught the ball at kick-off, passed it off, and two passes later, though surrounded by the opposition, Matt Sablan broke away down the middle.

For the final try of the game, Amano circled to the outside, and raced into the try zone untouched. The conversion was successfully made.

M: Young Gunz 40 Halu’u 0
M: outhern Colts 33 Para Todu Black 7
M: Para Todu Red 28 GSPN 5
M: Da Doks 17 Southern Colts 7
W: Para Todu 29 Southern 5
W: Blue Comrades 39 Ziggys 0

M: Young Gunz 26 Para Todu Black 10
M: Southern 36 Halu’u 0
M: Para Todu Red 36 Southern Colts 5
M: Da Doks 22 GSPN 10
W: Para Todu 24 Ziggys 0
W: Blue Comrades 29 Southern 5

M: Young Gunz 21 Southern 14
M: Para Todu Black 22 Halu’u 0
M: Para Todu Red 31 Da Doks 0
M: Southern Colts 22 GSPN 10
W: Para Todu 19 Blue Comrades 0
W: Ziggys 0 Southern 12

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