📅10 December 2013
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Press Release – 2013 Guam Monsoon Offroad Series

Barretto took the round 3 Open Motorcycle class win. (courtesy photo)

Barretto took the round 3 Open Motorcycle class win. (courtesy photo)

Final Round and Overall Series

This past Sunday at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo the third and final round of the 2013 Guam Monsoon Offroad Series was held under perfect sunny conditions.

Course conditions on the already challenging jump infested track were rough as the rainy weather earlier in the series along with heavy use of the facility had created some big breaking bumps and huge pot holes.

The rough conditions played a big part on both riders and machines in the Open Motorcycle class 1 hour endurance event as over 50% of those entered were unable to finish the grueling event.

Race High Lights

In the one hour Open Motorcycle class endurance event the reigning Monster Energy Guam Motocross Champion JR Cepeda aboard his #1 Kawasaki took an early lead off the start with #99 Caleb Barretto and #98 Marshal Vawter jr in tow. Fifteen minutes into the race Cepeda was able to stretch a twenty second lead over Barretto who had also managed to put a substantial lead over Vawter jr. who was holding down third. Just twenty minutes into the event Cepeda’s machine began to swap back and forth the result of a flat rear tire.

Cepeda refused to slow at first and did his best to keep the machine upright but as the race hit the halfway point Barretto had reeled in the champ and pounced past the crippled machine of Cepeda into the lead. Eventually Cepeda was forced to retire allowing Barretto to go virtually unchallenged to the round three win with #98 Marshal Vawter jr taking second. #47 Zachary Chang aboard a Kawasaki placed third.

Overall Marshal Vawter jr with round scores of a third, a first, and a second, was declared the Open Motorcycle class 2013 Guam Monsoon Offroad Series Champion.

#11 sasha song sweeps wide as he battles his sister #12 tuna song. (courtesy photo)

#11 sasha song sweeps wide as he battles his sister #12 tuna song. (courtesy photo)

In the kids Open Minibike class the final round was weighted with drama as from the outset of round one a sibling rivalry had developed between younger brother Sasha Song and older sister Yuna Song. After round one Sasha held the series lead but Yuna had come back strong in round two to lead the series by a mere two points over her younger brother.

At the start of round three both of the leading championship contenders were looking like they were going into the octagon ready for a battle. At the drop of the green flag it was Sasha Song who held his #11 Kawasaki at full throttle easily out jumping the others into the lead. Yuna found herself with a bad start and had to work her way up eventually making into second.

Sasha was not to be denied on this day as the young gun amazed the vets in attendance at his new found speed and skill out on the course handedly taking the win and the series championship. Yuna aboard her #12 Kawasaki was smooth and looked relaxed as she took second place. Taking third in the round was Ry’niko Camacho aboard the #88 Kawasaki. All three riders look to be championship threats for the 12 round Monster Energy 2014 Guam Motocross Championship set to start late January 2014.

Up next after the Christmas Holidays some time in January the riders will be celebrating the 2013 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championship Awards Presentation Party. On the racing schedule round one of the Monster Energy 2014 Guam Motocross Championships is being tentatively being scheduled for Sunday January 26th. For more information visit them on facebook at Atv/ MC Motocross Guam or call GIRMAC president Robert Bucek at 727-5381

Round 3 Results 

Open Motorcycle

1st Caleb Barretto Kawasaki

2nd Marshal Vawter jr. Yamaha

3rd Zachary Chang Kawasaki

Open Minibike

1st Sasha Song Kawasaki

2nd Yuna Song Kawasaki

3rd Ry’niko Camacho Kawasaki


1st Sasha Song Kawasaki

2nd Yuna Song Kawasaki

3rd Ethan Camacho Kawasaki


1st Ry’niko Camacho Kawasaki

2nd Owen Turo

3rd Robert Encino

Overall series champs

Open Motorcycle Marshal Vawter jr

Open Minibike Sasha Song

65cc Owen Turo

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