📅28 May 2013
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PRESS RELEASE – The seventh round of the rough and tumble twelve round Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships was held this past Sunday at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo. With a strong crowd of family, friends, and fans Guam’s top motocross riders lined up in their respective two and four wheeled classes for an entire day of bar bashing wheel to wheel racing.

Open Motorcycle

Missing from the start were several top riders who are still out with injuries leaving it up to the crop of new contenders in the Open Motorcycle class to attempt to slow down the seemingly unstoppable win streak of the defending champion JR Cepeda. Cepeda who had won the last five rounds of the twelve round series championship aboard the Johnstone Supplies supported #1 Cycles Plus Kawasaki was lined up early for his event looking confident and eager to put yet another win notch on his winning saddle.

At the drop of the green flag signifying the start the early leader was defending 450cc class champion #19 Zachary Chang aboard his Honda but then rather quickly he was passed by the #1 machine piloted by JR Cepeda. For over twenty minutes Cepeda in the lead navigated the course doubling and tripling over the many jumps as he methodically proceeded to catch and pass to put a lap down the entire Open Motorcycle class easily dominating and silencing any doubts that he is the man yet again to beat.

Taking a solid second and third place respectively were the pair of Yamaha riders of #3 Jacob Einloth and #98 Marshal Vawter Jr. Rounding out the top ten respectively were #44 Brent Nulliner Honda, #19 Zachary Chang Honda, #75 Jeff Rios Honda, #927 Paul Castro Yamaha, #73 Gary Camacho Yamaha, #332 Steven Turo Yamaha, and#15 Matt Guzman Honda.

With yet another win to his credit JR Cepeda gained more points towards his campaign for a second Monster Energy Guam Open Motorcycle class championship. Cepeda now has 337 points over second place in the standings #3 Jacob Einloth who has 264 points.

Open Kids Minibike

#17 Rowen Pereira took the round 7 win in the Kids Open Minibike class. (courtesy photo)

#17 Rowen Pereira took the round 7 win in the Kids Open Minibike class. (courtesy photo)

Round seven of the twelve round Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships saw #17 Rowen Pereira aboard his Honda easily taking the round win with #2 Stoney Bucek on the Cycles Plus Kawasaki finishing in second with #77 Rollin Pereira also on a Kawasaki placing third. Rounding out the top ten respectively were #11 Sasha Song Kawasaki, #111 Ethan Manibusan Honda, #25 Ethan Turo Kawasaki, #12 Yuna Song Kawasaki, #50 Owen Turo Honda, #24 Ray Ray Manibusan, and #75 Owen Rios Kawasaki.

#2 Stoney Bucek and the Cycles Plus Kawasaki with 273 points hold just a four point lead in the Open Kids Minibike class over #17 Honda mounted Rowen Pereira who has 269 points.

Open Kids Mini Atv class

In the Open Kids Mini Atv class current points leader #6 Collin Ray Cruz was missing from the line opening door for the rest of the field to earn valuable points towards the championship. Taking the win was #75 Jesse Leon Guerrero on his Drx with #23 Jordan Leon Guerrero on a Drx taking second. Placing third through fifth were #70 Owen Rios Drx, #66 Damian Manibusan Kawasaki, and #46 Emma Song Drx.

After six rounds Collin Ray Cruz had built up a total of 291 points over second in the standings Victoria Clark with 186 points and Owen Rios in third with 168 points. Collin Ray had been two full races ahead in points after round six of the series. After not earning a single point for round seven of the twelve round series Collin Ray Cruz still holds a large lead in the Kids Mini Atv class standings with 291 points over #70 Owen Rios who has a 208 point total and has moved from third to second in the standings.

In the Open Atv Class #1 Robert Bucek aboard the Cycles Plus Suzuki diced it out wheel to wheel with Yamaha mounted #88 Ray Manibusan. The Suzuki versus Yamaha battle on the track was a good one as both machines took time at holding the lead. At the checkers it was the old veteran Robert Bucek on the Suzuki edging out Manibusan on the Yamaha for the win.

Ray Manibusan and his Yamaha still hold the lead in the Open Atv class championship point’s standings with 257 points over Bucek and his Cycles Plus Suzuki in second with 222 points.

Points leader Stoney Bucek took a solid second at round 7 of the 12 round series. (courtesy photo)

Points leader Stoney Bucek took a solid second at round 7 of the 12 round series. (courtesy photo)

Other Results

In the 450cc Motorcycle class #19 Zachary Chang aboard a Honda took the win with Yamaha mounted #927 Paul Castro placing second and #332 Steven Turo aboard a Yamaha finishing in third.

250cc Motocycle class saw #1 JR Cepeda aboard a Kawasaki take the convincing win over #3 Jacob Einloth on his Yamaha and #98 Marshal Vawter jr also on a Yamaha.

Kids 85cc class saw Cycles Plus team rider #2 Stoney Bucek on a Kawasaki take the win over Rollin Pereira on the #77 Kawasaki in second and third place finisher #111 Honda mounted Ethan Manibusan.

Kids 65cc class #11 Sasha Song on a Kawasaki took a convincing win with #25 Ethan Turo in second on a Kawasaki and first time 65cc class racer #75 Owen Rios also on a Kawasaki taking a third.

Round 8 of the 12 round 2013 Monster energy Guam Motocross Championships will take place Sunday June 9th to be held at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo. The racing starts at 1pm with the admission being free to come out and watch. Special thank you to Bobcat Guam, GTR Motorsports, Cycles Plus, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, RPM Yamaha, Hawaiian Rock, Smithbridge, DCK, Rocky Mountain Precast, and to all the GIRMAC volunteers for all their support

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