📅23 February 2013
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By Nathaniel San Nicolas

Joshua Jerome is awarded the $1,000 cash prize courtesy of Chili's/Lone Star. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Joshua Jerome is awarded the $1,000 cash prize courtesy of Chili’s/Lone Star. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

It was a long Saturday at the Father Duenas Phoenix Center as the Marianas Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament started in full force bright and early at 8 a.m. as competitors of all levels went to the mat to showcase their skills and talents in an electric atmosphere.

The day kicked off with the youngsters battling it out giving the crowd a glimpse of the future BJJ athletes, but the highlight of the day happened at the end of the event as Joshua “Wu” Jerome took the Brown Belt Absolute Gold Medal and put the icing on the cake as he took home the featured prize of $1000.

Throughout the day, the huge mat was divided into four sections for multiple matchups to happen at once. However, when the Brown Belt Absolute was up, all four sections were no more and each competitor took on his opponent at the center of the mat with all eyes focused on them.

James Roberto gets the upper hand on John Meno in their Bronze medal match. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

James Roberto gets the upper hand on John Meno in their Bronze medal match. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The bracket became interesting when defending champion Eric Sian took on Jerome in the semifinals. The two went at it back-and-forth for the beginning of the match looking pretty neutral throughout until Jerome got the BJJ champ Sian in a knee-bar and forced the tap that allowed Jerome to advance to the finals against Mike Sanchez.

At this point, the spectators were silent and observing the matchup between Jerome and Sanchez. Jerome came out of the match via submission, giving him the bragging rights of being the Brown Belt Absolute Gold Medalist.

“I spent most of my time on the mat trying to prepare for this match,” said Jerome, “Not so much weight-lifting or cardio, just training at the gym with the guys. Most of these guys I went up against are my brothers and it’s pretty awesome and I know they’ve trained hard too.”

With those loving words from Jerome, one can tell that the jiu-jitsu community is definitely a close-knit one as he humbly accepted his reward at the same time taking notice in his opponents hard-work and dedication themselves.

Medal Winners:
Brown Belt Absolute:
– Gold: Joshua “Wu” Jerome
– Silver: Mike Sanchez
Female Absolute:
– Gold: Brogan Walker
– Silver: Alexandria Aflague
– Bronze: Rebecca Tomada & Jayronne Gandaoli
Purple Belt:
Over 160:
– Gold: Ryan Bustamante
– Silver: John Moser
– Bronze: John Meno
Under 160:
– Gold: TJ Francisco
– Silver: Kevin Cruz
– Bronze: Eduardo Salanatin
Blue Belt:
131-145 lbs.:
– Gold: Shane Aguon
– Silver: Trevor Nelson
– Bronze: Lloyd Cubacub
146-160 lbs.:
– Gold: Anthony Cruz
– Silver: Christian Lastimosa
– Bronze: Josh Alvarez
161-173 lbs.:
– Gold: Derrick Calvo
– Silver: Anton Rosario
– Bronze: John Camacho
176-190 lbs.:
– Gold: David Harris
– Silver: Nicolas Brown
– Bronze: Brannon Perez
191-205 lbs.:
– Gold: Johnny Aguon
– Silver: Christopher Nededog
200 lbs. +:
– Gold: Ryan Schilling
– Silver: Nicholas Caceres
– Bronze: Erik Flores
190 lbs.:
– Gold: Eathan Cruz
– Silver: Kevin Martin
– Bronze: Arnold Duarte
155 lbs.:
– Gold: Odin Mendiola
– Silver: Preston Paradis
– Bronze: Tristan Chguina
135 lbs.:
– Gold: Jayronne Gandaolu
– Silver: Ray Umadhay
– Bronze: Alexandria Alfague
120 lbs.:
– Gold: Patick Pangelinan
– Silver: Steve Pangelinan
– Bronze: Ellie Torres
108 lbs.:
– Gold: Scottie Topasna
– Silver: Gerrard Quichocho
– Bronze: Jude Cruz
97 lbs.:
– Gold: Kenneth Ledesma
– Silver: Eddie Muna
– Bronze: Christian Mendiola
85 lbs.:
– Gold: Justin Untalan
– Silver: Ronney Duenas
170 lbs.:
– Gold: Russell Guerrero
– Silver
– Bronze
128 lbs.
– Gold: Brian Roberto
– Silver: Isabel Guerrero
– Bronze: Kode Onedera
100 lbs.:
– Gold: Ayden Duenas
– Silver: Justin Lalumandier
98 lbs. +:
– Gold: Francesca Lizama
– Silver: Jacob Lalumandier
97 lbs.:
– Gold: Katelyn-Rae Quintanilla
– Silver: Seth-Galigher Gutierrez
80 lbs.:
– Gold: Aleiya Almario
– Silver: Collin-Ray Cruz
– Bronze: Hailey Taitano
70 lbs:
– Gold: Laralei Gandaoli
– Silver: Jayden Lalumandier
68 lbs. +:
– Gold: Colin Santiago
– Silver: Skyler Lujan
– Bronze: Caleb Laserna
67 lbs.:
– Gold: Sean Mantanma
– Silver: Nolan Pegarido
56 lbs:
– Gold: William Ludwig
– Silver: Johanna Duenas
– Bronze: Brydon Baldin
54 lbs.:
– Gold: Colin Ada
– Silver: Tye Hernandez
– Bronze: Devin Okada
50 lbs.:
– Gold: Masato Rabago
– Silver: Jon Leon Guerrero
45 lbs.:
– Gold: Ghrace Joy Santos
– Silver: Isaiah Vilante
– Bronze: Xander Duenas
44 lbs.:
– Gold: Jake Ryan Cruz
– Silver: Ethan Sablan
– Bronze: Ava Aflague
40 lbs.:
– Gold: Stussy Shimizu
– Silver: Zander Taitano
– Bronze: Shiloh Muna-Brecht




Joshua Jerome is declared the winner after his gold medal match. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Joshua Jerome is declared the winner after his gold medal match. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Brown Absolute

Brown Absolute (2)

Brown Absolute (3)

Brown Absolute (4)

Purple Bronze (2)


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