📅10 November 2013
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By Jeff Ochavillo


A Geckos’ player heads the ball after receiving it from a corner kick. (photo by Asha Robles)

The St. John’s Knights avoided a near loss by coming back early in the 2nd half while putting a halt to the GW Geckos offense to prevent a win in their season debut Saturday. The Knights’ comeback allowed them to take 4-3 win over the Geckos at the crowded St. John’s field.

The game was very close and intense with players going at each and getting physical trying to make up for their own mistakes which had the Geckos leading 2-1 Gecko at the half.

On behalf of the slow start, Knight’s captain Cedric Sevilla said, “Actually, we had a game plan coming into the 2nd half. We figured that they were playing more physical than us.” He continued with, “it was our spirit and our high press as a team,” that helped them get the win.

Inspired by the words from Sevilla, the Knight’s followed their game plan at every possession. In the 44th minute in the 2nd half, Knights’ wing Gen Judo was able to start off by tipping the ball in the goal after a throw in, tying the game at 2-2.

Soon after a clear, Judo got a throw inside the goal box and Daniel Del Carmen came in for another header giving them the 3-2 lead.


Knights’ captain, Cedric Sevilla, takes a free kick. (photo by Asha Robles)

In the 60th minute, the Geckos got called for a handball that put Knights’ captain Cedric Sevilla up for a free kick. He didn’t disappoint by the keeping ball low to the left side of the goal and putting them up 4-2.

Both teams were struggling during the beginning of the game by shooting the ball over the goal or just by mishandling it too much, but it wasn’t until the in the 12th minute of the game when the Knights got their first goal from Del Carmen as he came sneaking to the goal to get a header after a throw in.

That didn’t put the Gecko spirit down as they responded very well. With good transitioning of the ball after a clear, junior Isaiah Macias was able to get a pass on the left side of the ball and curved it into the goal to tie the game 1-1 in the 14th minute of the game. Soon after teammate, freshman Ryan Quitugua, chased the ball after it bumped off keeper Michael Wang’s hands, and had a free shot past the defenders that put them up 2-1.

The Knights locked down the Geckos offense by leading them down the sides and forcing them to lose the possession. But a 79th minute before the final whistle was blown, Geckos’ Isaiah Macias gets a lucky bounce after tipping the ball past the goalie to cut the lead 4-3 just a minute before the final whistle.

The Geckos had no time for another goal to tie the game so they fell 4-3 to the Knights. The Knights keep their streak 3-0 and the Geckos lose their first game of the season.

For Cedric, he says, “for our next upcoming games, we can improve more in our very first 10 minutes of the game and learn to wake up and respond quicker,” will be what he and his team will be trying to do for the future of the season.

Other Scores:

JFK 2, FD 1



A Knights’ player gets ready to pass the ball as the Geckos’ defence moves in. (photo by Asha Robles)


Brian Kim of the Knights gets up to gain possession of the ball. (photo by Asha Robles)


A Geckos’ player gains control of the ball over the Knights’ goalkeeper and shoots for a goal. (photo by Asha Robles)


Players from both the GW Geckos and St. Johns Knights battle it out for possession of the ball. (photo by Asha Robles)

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