📅06 March 2013
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PRESS RELEASE – Guam, get ready for the return of former PXC Heavyweight Champion, Roque Martinez, to the PXC cage. It will be a battle of brute strength and skill as he is set to face off against Saipan’s Mylo “Big Brawler Bam Bam” Lassiter, reigning Trench Wars Heavyweight Champ.

These two fighters have prepared themselves both mentally and physically under the direction of two veteran coaches. Mentored by Melchor Manibusan at Spike 22, Martinez is the more seasoned fighter of the two with a record of 4-5-1, but has not fought professionally for a year and a half. Mylo-Roque

Lassiter is fighting out of Trench Tech in Saipan under the mentorship of Saipan’s leading MMA coach, Cuki Alvarez.

Both coaches have trained the best of the best in Marianas’s MMA history and continue to turn out well-rounded and skilled fighters. What Martinez and Lassiter bring to the cage will be nothing short of a brawl as they both have something to prove and crave the recognition as the toughest Heavyweight in the region.

Manibusan says, “Roque has been training hard. He’s been out of the loop for about a year and half but he’s been hungry. He knows he’s getting older so I would like to say he’s going to try to finish the fight in the first or second round. The guy he’s fighting knows Roque has a lot of jolt, so he’s going to have to train hard to prepare for Roque.”

Martinez has been training in three camps and has been preparing hard for this fight and future fights. Switching up his normal training routine to include a more concentrated focus on cardio, Manibusan admits that finding sparring partners for Martinez is a little difficult. Despite this setback, Manibusan feels Roque will do great.

Even though there has been a lack of heavy weights for Martinez to push around, Martinez says, “I’m usually a lot quicker and explosive than heavier guys. Training with lighter guys forces me to use my quickness and explosiveness which I think is one of my main strengths as a heavyweight.”

In preparation for this fight, Martinez knows that getting ready is not just physical. “Mentally I always do a lot of planning out in my head on how the fight will go…my game plan. Physically, I have bumped it up with longer distance running, I’ve turned down a bit of sparring to avoid injuries and I’m focusing more on getting in shape with more cardio and strength,” stated Martinez.

Training seven days a week and only taking breaks when he feels rest is needed, Martinez is gunning for a chance to compete for the heavyweight title in the near future. It has been since June 2011 since Martinez last stepped into a cage. He saves these last words for his opponent Mylo Lassiter, “Thanks for taking the fight. Let’s put on a good show for the crowd. I appreciate it.”

Only a half hour flight away, Saipan’s Mylo “Bam Bam” Lassiter prepares to try to take out Guam’s Martinez. Lassiter has been fighting professionally for three years with a record of 4 wins with only 1 defeat.

Going up against Martinez, Lassiter’s mentor Cuki Alvarez says, “He’s been training really hard for this fight. This will definitely be Mylo’s biggest test to date for sure. Roque is a veteran fighter that has fought the toughest guys in the region, so we are looking forward to just giving it our best and giving it our all which is the only thing we can do.”

Lassiter also has high hopes of gaining the PXC heavyweight belt if it comes knocking on his door. Alvarez says, “Mylo is going to go in there full force and he’s ready to go the distance if he has to.” Fully aware that Martinez has not been in a cage for over a year, Alvarez is very confident in his fighter. “He’s (Lassiter) been active the past year and I know Roque hasn’t fought since 2011 so he might have some rust, but we never ever under estimate our opponent.”

Lassiter has also been preparing mentally and physically for this fight, focusing his training on strength and conditioning. Lassiter says, “I’m focusing on my training and my technique…making sure I put on a decent fight. I want to make sure I have good cardio as well.”

Training, no less than three times a week, resting up in between, the reigning Trench Wars Heavyweight Champ says he hasn’t done anything different to prepare for this fight and attributes his only loss to training differently. Lassiter says, “I’m ready for anything if he wants to stand up I will, but if it goes to the ground then that’s fine too. I heard he is a good ground fighter and it will be nice to see how good he really is, that would be cool.” Both fighters are prepared to do battle and each appear to have respect for each other’s abilities and are focused on putting on a good show for the fans.

Pacific X-treme Combat 36 brings only the best mixed martial artists in the region to battle it out honorably. The action packed excitement will have you standing as two of PXC’s giants leave it all in the cage fighting for honor, pride and a chance to move up in the rankings towards a new Heavyweight Title.

PXC 36 will take place on March 8th at the UOG Fieldhouse in Mangilao, Guam. Tickets are on sale at all 76/Circle K locations,Andersen ITT and MWR with VIP tickets available exclusively at Cars Plus in Maite or log on to Doors will open at 5pm, with Showtime at 7pm.

PXC 36 is presented by Miller Lite, Docomo Pacific, and the Stations of KUAM…and brought to you by Monster Energy Drink,  JEEP, 76/Circle-K, AirGuard, Budget Car Rental, Gladiator Crew and the Pacific Islands Club Resort.

This is another Tropical Production!

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