📅03 August 2013
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By Michael Cruz

(GSPN Note: Predictions are exactly that. We are sure we won’t be 100% accurate and that it will make for good discussions leading up to Friday’s fights)pxc38 poster

Josh Muna vs Ryan Toves 
The undercard starts off with Josh Muna returning after a two year layoff versus Ryan Toves. Look for this to end early with Muna winning by submission or TKO.

Mikey Taitano vs Tyrone Jones 
Spike 22 vs UX rivalry continues. Taitano has three submission wins and is coming back after a two year layoff. Jones looks to get back on the winning track after a submission loss to Koshi Matsumoto. Taitano though will shake off the rust and take Jones to the ground. Taitano by decision.

Tony Reyes vs Shane Alvarez 
Reyes was stopped on strikes by Troy Bantiag in PXC 35 in the Philippines. Pikaboo is coming off nearly two years of inactivity. Reyes will keep the match competitive, but Alvarez has superior skills. Alvarez by TKO.

Yusuke Yachi vs Toby Misech 
Yachi is a winner of five straight and brings experience in the Shooto promotions. Misech is part of the BJ Penn camp. He has been submitted twice. Yachi is fighting at a higher level right now. Yachi by decision.

Rambaa Samdet vs Robin Catalan 
Samdet is considered by some #1 at strawweight. He has a fan friendly muay thai stand up. Catalan is no slouch with experience in muay thai and wrestling. Samdet will keep this standing. The fight should be close with Samdet by decision.

Emi Tomamatsu vs Kailan Curran 
These two fighting beauties look to heat up the cage. Emi is a gritty veteran with a wrestling background. Kailan has great stand up and take down defense. Look for Curran to keep the fight standing. I think Emi will get a few takedowns. Kailan though is the better athlete and will not let Emi capitalize. Kailan by decision.

Frank Camacho (#4 GSPN) vs Koshi Matsumoto
Camacho has put in a full 12 week training camp for his homecoming. Will we see The Crank who displayed a unbelievable round 1 on TUF or will we see the one who gassed in the last two rounds? He has the tools and the home crowd advantage. Enter Matsumoto who brings a very good ground game. The home crowd should not affect him as the pressure is on Camacho to win. This fight should be back and forth and don`t be surprised if both fighters get hurt in this one. Camacho will rally for the TKO win.

Kyle Aguon (#8 GSPN) vs Russell Doane
The title eliminator has fight of the night potential. Aguon brings great wrestling and has the edge over Doane. Doane’s striking is good and will look to defend the takedown. This will be a chess match. I think in the end Aguon puts it all together and wins a decision.

Josh Calvo (#7 GSPN) vs Anthony Torres
Calvo gets the main event in a test versus Torres. Torres brings experience and is durable. However, Calvo has youth and is the better athlete.  Right now he has the edge standing up and on the ground. Calvo by TKO.

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