📅02 March 2013
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11, 14

GW’s Michael Hogcog tries to get past the defense of Sanchez’s Keith Dumanal. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

[GSPN] – The Simon Sanchez High School boys remain to be the only undefeated team in the IIAAG rugby league. Thanks to a strong forward game, the Sharks protected their untainted record overwhelming the GW Geckos 29-14 Saturday afternoon at the Wettengel Field.

The Geckos entered the game fresh off a loss (their first loss) to the FD Friars Wednesday and were eager for the opportunity to possibly give the Sharks their first loss, but the Sharks were just as eager to add to their winning streak.

The hard-hitting action of the first half ended with the Sharks in the lead and continued on into the second. However, later in the half, fatigue and dehydration seemed to plague both teams as the sun beat down on the Dededo field. On top of that, rucks and scrums were more frequent on the field as these two powerhouse forward teams went at it, giving each other scrapes and bruises to last for the week ahead.

Frank Troy, Val Vaiao

Geckos’ Frank Troy swoops to the outside, but is stopped by Sharks’ Val Vaiao. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Wes Shiroma opened the second half with his second try of the game. Similar to his first one, Shiroma cut against the grain and sprinted into the try zone untouched.

Teammate Kassidy Abisia extended the lead, running up the middle to score another try for the Sharks. Donovan Alger converted the extra points.

In the first half, after being tackled twice right at the try line, Sharks’ Val Vaiao stuck his hand out of the pile of players on top of him and placed the ball in the try zone to take the 5-0 lead early in the game.

Shiroma upped the lead 10-zip, running up the sideline and weaving through defenders for about a 25-yard try.

Jovon Ignacio stuck his hand out of the pile as well to score the last try of the half for the Sharks. A successful conversion by Shiroma game the Sharks their 17-7 lead at the half.

GW’s Joseph Carreon and Tevin Santos scored their team’s only points, scoring two tries and two conversions, respectively.

Tuesday February 26, 2013 at Guam High
4:00pm Sanchez 5 GW 12 Girls JV TACKLE
4:15pm Guam High 0 AOLG 31 Girls JV TACKLE
4:30pm GW 5 AOLG 12 Girls JV TACKLE
4:45pm Guam High 17 Southern High 7 Girls JV TACKLE
5:00pm GW 37 Guam High 5 Girls Varsity TACKLE
5:15pm ND 5 AOLG 10 Girls Varsity TACKLE
5:30pm Okkodo 0 Southern 22 Girls Varsity TACKLE
5:45pm Sanchez 7 JFK 28 Girls Varsity TACKLE
6:00pm AOLG 0 GW 10 Girls Varsity TACKLE
6:15pm Guam High 0 Southern 7 Girls Varsity TACKLE
6:30pm ND 14 JFK 7 Girls Varsity TACKLE
6:45pm Okkodo 7 Sanchez 0 Girls Varsity TACKLE
7:00pm GW 7 Southern 0 Girls Varsity TACKLE
7:15pm AOLG 7 JFK 10 Girls Varsity TACKLE
7:30pm ND 12 Okkodo 10 Girls Varsity TACKLE
7:45pm Sanchez 0 Guam High 10 Girls Varsity TACKLE
Wednesday February 27, 2013 at Guam High
4:00pm FD 5 Sanchez 14 Boys JV
4:30pm St. Pauls 0 GW 12 Boys JV
5:00pm Southern 33 Okkodo 0 Boys Varsity
6:00pm FD 17 GW 12 Boys Varsity
7:00pm JFK 5 Guam High 14 Boys Varsity
Saturday March 2, 2013 at Wettengel Rugby Field 
8:00am AOLG 27 ND 26 Girls Varsity FLAG
9:00am St. Pauls 5 JFK 31 Girls Varsity FLAG
10:00am AOLG 10 ND 5 Girls Varsity TACKLE
10:15am GW F JFK W Girls Varsity TACKLE
10:30am Southern 24 Sanchez 5 Girls Varsity TACKLE
10:45am AOLG 12 Okkodo 0 Girls Varsity TACKLE
11:00am Sanchez W GW F Girls Varsity TACKLE
11:15am JFK 5 Okkodo 17 Girls Varsity TACKLE
11:30am Southern 12 ND 7 Girls Varsity TACKLE
11:45am AOLG 17 Guam High 0 Girls Varsity TACKLE
12:00pm Guam High 31 Sanchez 5 Girls Varsity TACKLE
12:15pm ND 26 Okkodo 0 Girls Varsity TACKLE
12:45pm Sanchez 17 GW 20 Boys JV
1:00pm Okkodo 17 St. Pauls 7 Boys JV
1:15pm FD 7 GW 14 Boys JV
1:45pm Sanchez 10 Okkodo 0 Boys JV
2:15pm GW 14 Sanchez 29 Boys Varsity
3:30pm FD 26 Okkodo 7 Boys Varsity
4:30pm Southern 26 JFK 0 Boys Varsity



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