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Round one of the fifteen round 2014 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships was held this past Sunday February 9th at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo.

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PRESS RELEASE – Guam International Raceway Motorcycle and Atv Corporation (GIRMAC)

2014 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships Round 1

Round one of the fifteen round 2014 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships was held this past Sunday February 9th at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo. Motorcycle and atv classes of all sizes along with classes for the kids were held. The course was laid out with a lot of jumps, bumps, turns, and twists to challenge the competitors along with thrill the crowd. With a cool breeze and sunny skies the action was non stop all afternoon with loads of tight bar to bar racing.

Open Motorcycle

At 1pm the racing kicked off with the Open Motorcycle division where two time defending Guam champion #1 JR Cepeda picked up where he had left off in the final championship round in 2013. Cepeda aboard his Cycles Plus Kawasaki took the lead and led wire to wire in both of the twenty minute plus 1 lap heats to take the round win. Taking second was #98 Marshal Vawters jr. aboard his RPM Yamaha supported Yamaha. Third place went to another RPM Yamaha supported racer #3 Gary Camacho.

Rounding out the rest of the field were 4th #75 Jeff Rios Kawasaki, 5th #7 Jacob Einloth Kawasaki, 6th #100 Steven Turo Kawasaki, 7th #420 Kim Aiken Kawasaki, 8th #5 Shawn Aguilo Kawasaki, 9th #47 Deven Manibusan Kawasaki, 10th #19 Zachary Chang Honda, 11th #59 Caleb Barretto Kawasaki, 12th #15 Matt Guzman Honda, 13th #768 James Gallagher Yamaha, 7th14th #717 Dave Dunn Yamaha.

Open Kids Minibike

The largest field of competitors was the Open Kids Minibike class who had stolen the show in round one by putting on an excitingly close bar banging race. At the start area and all around the course just before the flag dropped a huge crowd had gathered to witness what had been anticipated to be a division stacked full of great talent whom all were in contention to win on any given day. It was inspiring as mothers held their breath, dads got ready to scream advice and encouragement and others got set to digitally document with cameras and cell phones.

(courtesy photo)

Open Motorcycles bunch up as they hit the first turn during round 1 of the 2014 monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships. (courtesy photo)

Finally after what seemed like hours but was just in fact a few minutes the official threw the green flag and the pack of screaming machines being piloted by their young masters was off sprinting for the first turn. With engines revved and machines fishtailing down the 75 yard start #8 a blue Yamaha being ridden Ry’niko Camacho emerged out front in the lead with #12 Yuna Song, #1 Stoney Bucek hot on his heels and the rest of the pack hot on their heels. The first to start making moves was Bucek aboard the Cycles Plus Kawasaki as he made the pass on Yuna who was aboard a Honda to take second. Slowly but surely #1 Bucek had reeled in to catch #8 Camacho and his RPM Yamaha supported machine where as when a war of sorts had been declared.

Neither of the lead riders was letting off with Bucek taking the lead and Camacho turning that throttle even more to hang with and eventually pass Bucek to regain the lead. Once back up front Camacho defended with Bucek eventually crashing. At the finish of heat one it was Camacho in first, #11 Sasha Song who aboard his Kawasaki made the pass on the #12 of Yuna Song, his older sister, for second, Yuna took third while Bucek remounted to take a fourth.

In heat two the #88 of Ethan Camacho jumped out to an early lead with Bucek right behind followed by the pack. Bucek worked quickly to take over the lead from the #88 of Ethan Camacho who was aboard a RPM Yamaha supported machine. Once out front Bucek seemed to find his rhythm as he led to take the heat two win with Ry’niko Camacho in second and Sasha Song in third.

Overall for round 1 it was Ry,niko Camacho with his first and second place finishes taking the round win with Bucek second, and Sasha Song in third. The rest of the results overall are as follows 4th #12 Yuna Song Honda, 5th #88 Ethan Camacho Yamaha, 6th #75 Owen Rios Kawasaki, 7th #25 Ethan Turo Kawasaki, 8th #2 Baze Aiken Kawasaki, 9th #21 Franklin Perez Kawasaki, 10th #111 Ethan Manibusan Honda, 11th #4 Tobin Perez Kawasaki, 12th #50 Owen Turo Kawasaki, 13th #31 Robert Encina Kawasaki, 14th #34 Calib Naputi Kawasaki, 15th #76 Devin Encina Kawasaki, 16th #22 Casey Gallagher Kawasaki.

In the Open Atv class #1 Robert Bucek aboard the Cycles Plus Suzuki edged out Yamaha mounted #66 Jeric Johnson for the win.

In the Open Kids Mini atv class #74 Damian Manibusan took the win over #7 Darian Chang in second, #646 Emma Song in third and #6 Zion Manibusan in fourth.

Other Class Results

450cc Motorcycle

1st #19 Zachary Chang Hon
2nd #15 Matt Guzman Hon
3rd #768 James Gallagher Yam
4th #59 Caleb Barretto Kaw
5th #717 Dave Dunn Yam

250cc Motorcycle

1st #1 JR Cepeda Kaw
2nd #98 Marshal Vawter jr.
3rd #3 Gary Camacho
4th #75 Jeff Rios Kaw
5th #7 Jacob Einloth Kaw
6th #100 Steven Turo Kaw
7th #420 Kim Aiken Kaw
8th #5 Shawn Aguilo Kaw
9th #47 Deven Manibusan Kaw

Over 40 Vet Motorcycle

1st #75 Jeff Rios Kaw
2nd #420 Kim Aiken Kaw
3rd #768 James Gallagher Yam
4th #717 Dave Dunn Yam

150cc Kids Minibike

1st #12 Yuna Song Hon
2nd #25 Ethan Turo Kaw
3rd #111 Ethan Manibusan Hon


#1 Robert Bucek soars over the double Sunday during Open Atv round 1 championship race action. (courtesy photo)

1st #8 Ry’niko Camacho Yam
2nd #1 Stoney Bucek Kaw
3rd #11 Sasha Song Kaw
4th #88 Ethan Camacho Yam
5th #75 Oen Rios Kaw
6th #21 Franklin Perez Kaw
7th #34 Calib Naputi Kaw

65cc Kids Minibike

1st #2 Blaze Aiken Kaw
2nd #4 Tobin Perez Kaw
3rd #50 Owen Turo Kaw
4th #31 Robert Encina Kaw
5th #76 Devin Encina Kaw
6th #22 Casey Gallagher Kaw

Round 2 of the 2014 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships will be held on Sunday February 23rd at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo. It will be free to come out to watch gates open at 9am with racing beginning at 1pm. Special thanks to Cycles Plus Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Rocky Mountain Precast, Hawaiian Rock Products, DCK, RPM Yamaha and to all the volunteers.

Complete Round 1 Results

Open Motorcycle

1st #1 JR Cepeda Kaw 25+25=50pts
2nd #98 Marshal Vawter jr. Yam 22+22=44pts
3rd #3 Gary Camacho Yam 16+18=34pts
4th #75 Jeff Rios Kaw 18+16=34pts
5th #7 Jacob Einloth Kaw 13+20=33pts
6th #100 Steven Turo Kaw 14+14=28pts
7th #420 Kim Aiken Kaw 11+15=26pts
8th #5 Shawn Aguilo Kaw 12+13=25pts
9th #47 Deven Manibusan Kaw 10+12=22pts
10th #19 Zachary Chang Hon 9+11=20pts
11th #59 Caleb Barretto Kaw 20+dnf=20pts
12th #15 Matt Guzman Hon 8+10=18pts
13th #768 James Gallagher Yam 7+9=16pts
14th #717 Dave Dunn Yam Dnf+Dns=0pts

450cc Motorcycle

1st #19 Zachary Chang Hon 22+25=47pts
2nd #15 Matt Guzman Hon 20+22=42pts
3rd #768 James Gallagher Yam 18+20=38pts
4th #59 Caleb Barretto Kaw 25+dnf=25pts
5th #717 Dave Dunn Yam dnf+dns=0pts

250cc Motorcycle

1st #1 JR Cepeda Kaw 25+25=50pts
2nd #98 Marshal Vawter jr. Yam 22+22=44pts
3rd #3 Gary Camacho Yam 18+18=36pts
4th #75 Jeff Rios Kaw 20+16=36pts
5th #7 Jacob Einloth Kaw 14+20=34pts
6th #100 Steven Turo Kaw 15+14=29pts
7th #420 Kim Aiken Kaw 12+15=27pts
8th #5 Shawn Aguilo Kaw 13+13=26pts
9th #47 Deven Manibusan Kaw 11+12=23pts

Over 40 Vet Motorcycle

1st #75 Jeff Rios Kaw 25+25=50pts
2nd #420 Kim Aiken Kaw 22+22=44pts
3rd #768 James Gallagher Yam 20+20=40pts
4th #717 Dave Dunn Yam dnf+dns=0pts

Open Kids Minibike

1st #8 Ry’niko Camacho Yam 25+22=47pts
2nd #1 Stoney Bucek Kaw 18+25=43pts
3rd #11 Sasha Song Kaw 22+20=42pts
4th #12 Yuna Song Hon 20+18=38pts
5th #88 Ethan Camacho Yam 15+16=31pts
6th #75 Owen Rios Kaw 13+15=28pts
7th #25 Ethan Turo Kaw 14+14=28pts
8th #2 Baze Aiken Kaw 12+13=25pts
9th #21 Franklin Perez Kaw 11+12=23pts
10th #111 Ethan Manibusan Hon 16+5=21pts
11th #4 Tobin Perez Kaw 9+11=20pts
12th #50 Owen Turo Kaw 10+10=20pts
13th #31 Robert Encina Kaw 7+9=16pts
14th #34 Calib Naputi Kaw 8+6=14pts
15th #76 Devin Encina Kaw 5+8=13pts
16th #22 Casey Gallagher Kaw 6+7=13pts

150cc Kids Minibike

1st #12 Yuna Song Hon 25+25=50pts
2nd #25 Ethan Turo Kaw 20+22=42pts
3rd #111 Ethan Manibusan Hon 22+20=42pts

85cc Kids Minibike

1st #8 Ry’niko Camacho Yam 25+22=47pts
2nd #1 Stoney Bucek Kaw 20+25=45pts
3rd #11 Sasha Song Kaw 22+20=42pts
4th #88 Ethan Camacho Yam 18+18=36pts
5th #75 Oen Rios Kaw 16+16=32pts
6th #21 Franklin Perez Kaw 15+15=30pts
7th #34 Calib Naputi Kaw 14+14=28pts

65cc Kids Minibike

1st #2 Blaze Aiken Kaw 25+25=50pts
2nd #4 Tobin Perez Kaw 20+22=42pts
3rd #50 Owen Turo Kaw 22+20=42pts
4th #31 Robert Encina Kaw 16+18=34pts
5th #76 Devin Encina Kaw 14+16=30pts
6th #22 Casey Gallagher Kaw 15+15=30pts

Open ATV

1st #1 Robert Bucek Suz 25+25=50pts
2nd #66 Jeric Johnson Yam 22+22=44pts

Open Kids MiniAtv

1st #74 Damian Manibusan 25+25=50pts
2nd #7 Darian Chang 22+22=44pts
3rd #646 Emma Song 20+20=40pts
4th #6 Zion Manibusan 18+18=36pts


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