📅28 September 2014
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By Robert Balajadia

Jon “Super Saiyan” Tuck put forth one of his most well rounded fights ever in his MMA career, though it did not result in a win against Kevin “The Motown Phenom” Lee as Tuck lost via unanimous decision.

“Jon Tuck showed a lot of potential tonight, Lee just showed a little bit more,” said UFC’s most well known broadcaster in Joe Rogan.

Coming in with what has become a signature gold hair, Tuck displayed a lot of experience in the ring and nearly came way with a sneaky triangle in the 2nd round, but Lee’s takedowns in each round would ultimately decide the fight.

“You’re in an unusual amount of danger when your in Tuck’s guard,” commented Rogan as Tuck nearly pulled off arm bars and triangles each time Lee was pressing action.

The fight started to slow down in the 3rd round with both fighters showing sings of fatigue in their stand up game, but Tuck took a hard shot that forced the fight to the ground where it would ultimately end.

Tuck ducked away from a swinging Lee where Tuck would loose his mouth piece as he tried to regain balance which prompted Lee to attack as Tuck attempted to pick up his gear from the ground. Lee landed a clean shot to Tuck’s nose which caused him to bleed, eventually posting both fighters on the cage, allowing Lee to wrestle Tuck to the ground where he would pick away and defend Tuck’s final submission attempts.

Tuck took a shot to the groin in the 1st round after a close contest which the judges gave to Lee, who scored more points by taking Tuck down three successful times.

Tuck would find himself on the wrong end of the groin shots after the referee took away a point from Tuck in the 2nd round after he landed his second in adverted kick to Lee’s groin. Tuck had appeared to hit Lee in the groin in the beginning of the round, but Lee shook it off though Tuck still garnered a warning from the ref. Tuck’s second shot got him a point deduction which was oddly taken away after Lee’s recovery time to the surprise of broadcasters Rogan and running mate Mike Goldberg.

Knowing he was down in the judges scoring, Tuck attempted many different submissions in the final round, but to no avail as Lee managed to defend each attempt well.


Wil Castro

Jon Tuck nearly came away with a triangle submission late in the 2nd round.

Jon Tuck nearly came away with a triangle submission late in the 2nd round.


Tuck looking walks back to his corner after the 2nd round.


Tuck lands a clean shot to the face of Lee.

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