📅03 June 2015
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PRESS RELEASE – Guam International Raceway Motorcycle and Atv Corporation (GIRMAC)

Monster Energy 2015 Guam Motocross Championships

Round 4

The Guam International Raceway was the place to be this past Sunday for those who enjoy the thrills and spills of high flying racing. Round 4 of the scheduled twelve round Monster Energy 2015 Guam Motocross Championships kicked off at just before noon this past Sunday once again to a large contingent of racers and fans. Track conditions were ideal but the ourse itself was rough with a lot of bumps jumps and ruts. The weather conditions however were perfect. The many classes saw riders of all ages and machines sizes both on two and four wheels.

Race Highlights

#1 Sasha Song came from the back of the pack to place second in round 4. (courtesy photo)

#1 Sasha Song came from the back of the pack to place second in round 4. (courtesy photo)

Reigning Guam champion #1 JR Cepeda aboard the Cycles Plus Kawasaki was once again the man to beat as he took the lead on the first lap and went on to the checkers unchallenged. After four rounds Cepeda has taken a 35 point lead with a 190 points over his next closest competition #277 Honda mounted Michael Shaffer who has 155 points and had also finished second in round 4.

The rest of the field finished round 4 as follows

3rd #75 Jeff Rios aboard a Yamaha

4th #18 John Agoun aboard a Yamaha

5th 57 Kim Aiken aboard a Honda

6th #89 Bobby Benson aboard a Honda

7th #43 Jacob Einloth aboard a Kawasaki

8th #100 Steve Turo aboard a Kawasaki

9th #29 Brady Kruize aboard a Suzuki

10th #12 Ethan Manibusan aboard a Kawasaki

11th #19 Zachary Chang aboard a Honda

12th #47 Franklin Perez aboard a Kawasaki

13th #318 Rudy King aboard a Yamaha

14th #332 Zadrian Tallada aboard a Yamaha

15th #83 Ceasar Whitt aboard a Kawasaki

16th #25 Dave Kautz aboard a Honda

17th #28 Brad Gomez aboard a Kawasaki.

In the Open Atv class reigning champion #1 Robert Bucek aboard the Cycles Plus Suzuki got off to a horrible last place start but rode meticulously towards the front of the field. While Bucek was working his way towards the front #45 Anthony Dillard riding a Yamaha was trying to keep the lead from the hard charging #83 Suzuki of Daniel Champion. Champion managed to slip by Dillard to take the lead but then his Suzuki suffered a mechanical which allowed the #45 Yamaha of Dillard to retake the lead.

With Dillard back out in front and the Champion sidelined Bucek had moved into the second place position behind the leader Dillard. After a side by side battle between Bucek and Dillard Bucek took the lead and went on to take the win with Dillard taking second. After four rounds Bucek currently has retaken the lead in the championship with 144points over the #7 Yamaha of Mathew Taimanglo who has 138points. The rest of the ound 4 Open atv results are as follows

3rd #15 Albert Garlit aboard a Kawasaki

4th #5 Jason Faculo aboard a Honda

5th #7 Mathew Taimanglo aboard a Yamaha

6th #83 Daniel Champion aboard a Suzuki

In the Kids Open Minibike class #75 Owen Rios aboard the Autoworks supported Kawasaki grabbed a perfect start to take the lead in the highly competitive kids class. Rios looked to be on his way to the win when he made a mistake and went down in a switch back section of the course.

The Rios mistake allowed the #12 of Yuna Song on her Honda to take the lead with the #25 of Ethan Turo right on her rear wheel. The two raced hard against each other for several exciting laps with Song eventually succumbing to the persistence of Turo aboard his Kawasaki. Once in the lead Turo was fast and smooth all the way o the win. #11 Sasha Song aboard a Honda was eventually able to also get by the #12 of Yuna Song to place second with Yuna finishing 3rd. The rest of the field finished as follows.

4th #94 Jessthan Pano aboard a Kawasaki

5th #111 Blaze Aiken aboard a Honda

6th #75 Owen Rios aboard a Kawasaki

7th #5 Jordan Leon Guerrero aboard a Kawasaki

8th #4 Tobin Perez aboard a Kawasaki

9th #7 Darien Chang aboard a Kawasaki

#76 Deven Encina on the Phillips and Sons supported Kawasaki took the win with the #50 of Owen Turo also on a Kawasaki taking second. Third went to the hard charging #74 of Damien Manibusan aboard a Suzuki. The rest of the 65cc kids placed as follows.

4th #25 Laurence Limtiaco Kawasaki

5th #906 Tommy King Kawasaki

6th #20 Gavin Whitt Kawasaki

In other results

50cc Minibike

1st #31 Richard Wenden KTM

2nd #12 Jessani Leon Guerrero Honda

3rd #609 Trent King Yamaha

4th Marianna Wenden Yamaha

5th #11 Ellie Maume Kawasaki

6th #671 J Agoun Yamaha

Kids Mini Atv

1st #6 Zion Manibusan Drx

2nd #2 Wyatt Santos Drx

150cc Minibike

1st #25 Ethan Turo Kawasaki

2nd #12 Yuna Song Honda

3rd #1 Sasha Song Honda

4th #111 Blaze Aiken Honda

85cc Minibike

1st #94 Jessthan Pano Kawasaki

2nd #75 Owen Rios Kawasaki

3rd #5 Jordan Leon Guerrero Kawasaki

4th #4 Tobin Perez Kawasaki

5th  #7 Darien Chang Kawasaki

450cc Motorcycle

1st #75 Jeff Rios Yamaha

2nd #76 John Aguon Yamaha

3rd #89 Bobby Benson Honda

4th #19 Zachary Chang Honda

5th #332 Zadrian Tallada Yamaha

6th #25y Dave Kautz Honda

250cc Motorcycle

1st #1 JR Cepeda Kawasaki

2nd #277 Mike Shaffer Honda

3rd #57 Kim Aiken Honda

4th #43 Jacob Einloth Kawasaki

5th #100 Steve Turo Kawasaki

6th #11 Brady Kruize Suzuki

7th #30 Ethan Manibusan Kawasaki

8th #47 Franklin Perez Kawasaki

9th #318 Rudy King Yamaha

10th #83 Ceasar Whitt Kawasak

11th  #28 Brad Gomez Kawasaki

Vet Over 40 Motorcycle

1st #75 Jeff Rios Yamaha

2nd  #57 Kim Aiken Honda

3rd #100 Steve Turo Kawasaki

4th #83 Ceasar Whitt Kawasaki

5th #25y Dave Kautz Honda

Round 4 of the Monster Energy 2015 Guam Motocross Championships will be held on Sunday June 7th at the Guam International Raceway. Gates open at 9am with racing set to begin at 11 30am. For more information visit or contact by e-mail at

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