📅05 March 2015
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By Patrick Lujan

Not many MMA fans knew much about welterweight Zebaztian Kadestam during his initial visit to Guam in June 2014.

After taking out Josh Calvo for the welterweight title in PXC 44, it was safe to say his name was not so uncommon after his relentless and ruthless performance.

Kadestam is still somewhat of a mystery: a Swedish fighter via Boracay doesn’t get any more mysterious than that.

His second visit to Guam for next Friday’s PXC 47 will be different. This time, he’s bringing the championship with him and has every intention to go back to Boracay with the belt still strapped around his waist.

‘The Bandit’ (6-1) faces Korea’s Han Seul Kim (4-2) in one of two title fights at the Calvo’s UOG Field House on March 13th.

Zebaztian Kadestan gets the welterweight belt in PXC 44. (photo by Andre Gadia)

Zebaztian Kadestam gets the welterweight belt in PXC 44. (photo by Andre Gadia)

GSPN: Your first time to Guam, you were out to get the title and left with the belt. How was that feeling?

ZK: Felt good, felt like two wins in one…happy I won that fight.

GSPN: This will be your first title defense against Kim, how have you been preparing to handle a fighter of his skill set?

ZK: I have my style I think my style will work against any man out there.

GSPN: You fought in front of the Guam crowd last time, and it’s safe to say the home town crowd was rooting for Calvo, who was from Guam. It could be different this time around after the fans have gotten to see you live. Will the crowd factor ever really come into play when you’re in the cage?

ZK: Hey, I understand. First of all, Josh Calvo is beast. I’m a big fan myself and can’t wait to see where he takes his career, next time he fights I will root for him, too. I’m sure I at least got one or maybe even two fans in Guam…haha!. I’m always there to put on a show. Every time I step in the cage it’s to please the crowd . Winning comes with hard work but if people like me I’m sure I will do a lot more flashy (stuff) so if the crowd goes wild – don’t blink.

GSPN: You’re Swedish, but fight out of the Philippines. What’s the story on how you got involved with Legacy gym?

ZK: The owner of Legacy Gym Ole Laursen took me under his wings, gave me a bed to sleep on and food on the table. I had nothing. I’m very lucky to be where I am today and its all thanks to Ole. Every win is dedicated to Legacy and will always be.

GSPN: You’re currently undefeated in the PXC. What kind of recognition have you been getting by the likes of the MMA world by being a belt holder in this type of fighting organization?

ZK: PXC is one of the top dogs in Asia. People know me better now – maybe they even like me now, who knows. I’m still sleeping in the gym and I’m still out working everybody, nothing will change that.

(photo by Andre Gadia)

(photo by Andre Gadia)

GSPN: Is there something other than the fight that you’re looking forward to seeing or eating when back on Guam?

ZK: The small time I spent in Guam made me love the place , the people are cool they all enjoy fighting – that’s my kind of people. It’s a beautiful island – cant wait to get back. Last time I couldn’t really eat , I hope I get to eat some Guam specialties this time.

GSPN: Did you ever imagine coming to Guam growing up?

ZK: I never thought I would leave my block growing up, haha.  (Zebaztian grew up in Arsta, Uppsala in Sweden)

GSPN: What do you do in your spare time?

ZK: There is not much spare time but I like girls, haha.

GSPN: You have a scary demeanor in the cage. Tell us you’re a really nice guy .

ZK: Yes, I’m a nice guy. I just like to fight.

GSPN: Finally, why should the Guam MMA fan come watch you fight?

ZK: I have 25 minutes to knock this guy out , I’m gonna try in all kinds of way I think everyone wants to see this! Let me send out a thanks to my main sponsor www.Groundskillz.com which now makes custom made mma shorts that look sick!

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