📅13 September 2015
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Second in a series of Guam athletes who endorse drinking water from the tap.

By John Wesley Jr. 

When 21-year-old Kimberly Taguacta stood on the podium to receive her bronze medal at the 2015 Pacific Games in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, she couldn’t help but smile and shed tears of joy.

The Yigo resident successfully snatched 62 kilograms in weightlifting, securing Guam’s first individual medal of the Games.

Taguacta came into the event just looking to gain international experience, but instead she exceeded even her own expectations.

“I was so happy to represent Guam and myself in such a great way,” says Taguacta. “Definitely the most memorable moment in my athletic career.”

With her success in the Pacific Games, Taguacta has become an inspiring up-and-coming athlete on the island. A CrossFit athlete who is also a member of the Guam Women’s National Rugby team and Guam National Weightlifting team, Taguacta’s training schedules are extremely demanding. The constant grind is something that she embraces as it gives her the opportunity to represent Guam in off-island competitions.

Another way Taguacta is trying to make an impact is through her participation in the Guam Waterworks Authority’s initiative to promote the drinking of tap water.

She is proud to support a campaign that she truly believes will benefit the island in the long run.

“The tap water on Guam is clean and safe to drink. Tap water isn’t only good for us, but as well as for our island. By using the water Guam provides, we can reduce the amount of plastic bottles that would end up in our landfills,” Taguacta explained. “Water is such an important component in my training. It keeps me hydrated and healthy to last through my training and everyday activities.”

With more and more of our island athletes turning to tap water as their main source of hydration, the importance of providing safe and clean drinking water has become one of GWA’s main priorities. If an international competitive athlete like Taguacta can drink it and bring home medals, they are prepared to do everything they can to protect the valuable resource.

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