📅06 March 2018
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PRESS RELEASE – Guam International Raceway Motorcycle and Atv Corporation

2018 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships Round 3

Guam Heritage Day Motocross

This past Sunday round 3 of the 2018 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championship was held in the beautiful southern village of Umatac and was held in conjunction with this years Guam Heritage Day festivies. The motocross races involved both motorcycle and atv classes of several sizes. Competitors ages both male and female ranged from four years of age all the way to 60 and something. The race course was convienently located directly within the village right alongside the iconic Umatac bridge.

With clear sunny skies the course being located within the village was dry and very dusty and required the help and support of water to supress the dust and to make the racing possible. Thankfully Smithbridge International had one of their water truck on scene and was able to easily water and supress the dry and dusty conditions.

Highlights and results

In the Open Motorcycle class #31 Tim Wenden aboard his Rocky Mountain Precast supported KTM dominated the field of ten and easily took the round 3 win. Taking second was #1 John Aguon aboard his Ground Tech Maintanance supported Yamaha. Taking third was #11 Kawasaki mounted Mike Limtiaco. Rounding out the rest of the ield respectively were #3 Bobby Benson, #57 Kim Aiken, #75 Jeff Rios, #45 Devin Castro, #44 Nolan Minor, #19 Zachary Chang, and #51 Fran Reeses.

In the Open Atv class #83 Daniel Champion abard a TJ Enterprises/Gold Speed supported Suzuki battled with the Cycles Plus team rider #4 Robert Bucek who was also aboard a Suzuki to take the round 3 win. The #83 Suzuki of Daniel Champion is on a winning streak having taken the win in every round held this season. Taking second was the #4 of Robert Bucek with #7 Matt Taimanglo aboard a Yamaha taking third. Rounding out the rest of the Open Atv field was respectively #11 John Gilman, #8 Mike Taimanglo, #22 Kenneth Tedtaotao, #15 Albert Garlit and #24 Cameron Chaco.

In the Open Minibike class #23 Jordan Leon Guerrero aboard the LG Racing Kawasaki swept the class to take first with #25 Lawrence Limtiaco in second and #752 Dakota Concepcion on a Yamaha placing third. Rounding out the field respectively were #74 Damien Manibusan, #10 Jerrin Nauta, and #33 Ethan Blythe.

In other class results

Over 40 Vet class first place went to #11 Mike Limtiaco aboard a PTR/Fleet Sevices supported Kawasaki, second was #51 Frank Reeses on a Yamaha, third was #57 Kim Aiken on his Yamaha with #75 Jeff Rios taking fourth.

Schoolboy class first was #75 Owen Rios on an Autoworks supported Husqvarna with #57 Blaze Aiken in second.

Novice class first went to #21 Sade Pitter on a Pitstop supported Kawasaki, second was #57 Blaze Aiken on a Yamaha, third was #59 Robert Terrel on his Honda and fourth went to #24 Jon Aguon.

450cc Motorcycle class #1 John Aguon on a Ground Tech Maintanance supported Yamaha, second was #11 Mike Limtiaco on a Kawasaki, third was #19 Zachary Chang on a KTM with #42 JR Cpeda on a Cycles Plus Kawasaki in fourth.

250cc Motorcycle class taking first #31 Tim Wenden on a Rocky Mountain Precast KTM, second was #3 Bobby Benson on a KTM, third went to #57 Kim Aiken on a Yamaha, rounding out the rest of the field respecively were #75 Jeff Rios, #44 Nolan Minor, #45 Devin Castro, and #51 Frank Reeeses.

150cc Kids Minibike class first #23 Jordan Leon Guerrero on the LG Racing supported Kawasaki, second was Honda mounted #74 Damien Manibusan.

85cc Kids Minibike class first #25 Lawrence Limtiaco on a Kawasaki, second #752 Dakota Concepcion on a Yamaha, third #10 Jerrin Nauta on a Yamaha, and #33 Ethan Blythe.

65cc Kids Minibike class first #31 Richard Wenden on a KTM, #44 Valance Minor on a Kawasaki, third #12 Gabriel Calvo on a Kawasaki, #21 Jessani Leon Guerrero, #33 Mariana Wenden, and #23 Caleb Cruz.

50cc Kids Minibike class first #18 John Aguon on a KTM, second #20 Jace Calvo on a KTM, third was #10 Jerrisha Guzman on a Yamaha, fourth #12 Ynapu Aguon, and #109 Leo Limtiaco.

Kids Mini Atv class first #12 Gabriel Calvo, second #27 Camerish Chaco, #222 Jordan Chargulauf, #23 Caleb Cruz, #9 Peyton Sablan and #10 Kaleb Sablan.

Special thanks to Umatac Mayor Johnny Quinata, the UMPC, the people of Umatac, Smithbridge and GIRMAC volunteers for making Sundays motocross races possible.

Next up on the motocross race schedule will be round 4 of the Monster Energy 2018 Guam Motocross Championships to be held on Sunday March 11th at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo. Gates open at 9am and the racing kicks off at 11:30am. For more information visit  .


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