📅06 June 2019
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By Michael Cruz

The 5th Annual GSPN High School Cup standings determine the best all-around athletic program in the IIAAG for the 2018-2019 season.

The cup counts football, cross-country, golf, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling, softball, tennis, rugby, track & field, and paddling (not counted was flag rugby or junior varsity sports).

The point system is as follows 5 points for All-Island champions and 1 point per playoff victory.

The Friars/Cougars have piled on big points with titles every quarter as they’ve solidified their top spot for the GSPN Cup for the fourth year in a row!

First Quarter Result (46 Points)

Football: FD – 8, GW – 2, JFK – 2, Guam High – 1

Boys Cross Country: St. Paul – 5

Girls Cross Country: St. John’s – 5

Boys Golf: FD – 5

Girls Golf: AOLG – 5

Girls Volleyball: ND – 8, St. John’s – 2, AOLG – 2, GW – 1

Second Quarter Result (49 Points)

Boys Wrestling: FD – 5

Girls Wrestling: GW – 5

Girls Basketball: St. Paul – 8, Academy – 2, Guam High – 2, GW – 1

Boys Soccer: JFK – 8, Harvest – 2, FD – 2, St. Paul – 1

Baseball: GW – 8, Sanchez – 2, FD – 2, Guam High – 1

Third Quarter Result (59 Points)

Boys Basketball: St. Paul – 8, FD – 2, JFK – 2, Okkodo – 1

Boys Rugby: GW – 8, FD – 2, Okkodo – 2, Sanchez – 1

Girls Rugby: ND – 8, GW – 2, Okkodo – 2, Southern – 1

Softball: Academy – 8, Guam High – 2

Boys Tennis: Harvest – 5

Girls Tennis: St. John’s – 5

Fourth Quarter Result (49 Points)

Boys Track: Guam High – 5

Girls Track: JFK – 5

Girls Soccer: ND – 8, AOLG – 2, Guam High – 1, St. John’s – 1

Boys Volleyball: FD – 8, Harvest – 2, Tiyan – 1, Okkodo – 1

Boys Paddling: Sanchez – 5

Girls Paddling: Okkodo – 5

Mixed Paddling: JFK – 5

Final Standings

1ST– FD/AOLG – 53 points

2nd – GW – 27 points

3rd – ND – 24 points

4th – St. Paul and JFK – 22 points

5th – St. John’s – 13 points

6th – Okkodo and Guam High – 12 points

7th – Harvest – 9 points

8th – Sanchez – 8 points

9th – Southern and Tiyan – 1 point

Senior Standout Athletes

Academy of Our Lady of Guam

Mia San Nicolas (Basketball, Soccer)- San Nicolas will play basketball at junior college Wenatchee Valley in Washington.

Father Duenas Memorial School

Brian Anderson (Football, Basketball, and Volleyball)- Brian has accepted an academic scholarship at Macalester College. He will also play football (Division III).

George Washington High School

Male: Ethaniel Cali (Football, Baseball, Rugby)

Female: Bila Aguon (Basketball)

Guam High School

Male: Jelyn Dowdell (Football, Track)- Jelyn has enlisted in the Air Force to become a pararescue jumper.

Female: Brennan King (Football, Soccer)- Has signed to play soccer with Erskine College (NCAA Division II)

Harvest Christian Academy

Male: Ethan Elwell (Soccer, Crossfit)- Elwell will play soccer at NAIA school Northwest College in Seattle, Washington.

Female: Sabrina Kenney (Soccer)- National team member has signed to play with Gordon College (NCAA Division III)

JFK High School

Male: Andrew Perez (Football, Baseball)

Female: Richelle Tugade (Track)- Tugade will attend the University of Guam for Pre-Veterinary studies.

Majesty Christian Academy

Aidan McDonald (Baseball, Volleyball) – The FD player has numerous offers to play volleyball or baseball.

Notre Dame High School

Male: Chase Spotanski (Football and Volleyball)- Chase will attend Moorpark Junior College in California and will play football.

Female: Brianne Leon Guerrero (Volleyball and Soccer)

Okkodo High School

Male: Dale Bautista (Basketball)

Female: Danica Cabrera (Basketball)-Cabrera will attend the University of Guam for her physical therapy prerequisites.

St. John’s School

Male: Brandon Chu (Basketball)

Female: Jenna Han (Cross Country and Soccer)

St. Paul Christian School

Male: Jahmar White (Basketball)

Female: Isla Quinata (Basketball)- Quinata will attend the University of Guam and study sonography.

Sanchez High School

Male: Harold Garelan (Football, Basketball, Shotput)

Female: Kayla Camacho (Basketball)

Southern High School

Male: Gabriel Stanley (Football, Rugby)

Female: Siani Benavente (Softball)

Tiyan High School

Male: Neil Ericsson (Volleyball)

Female: Alyssa Dumlao (Tennis and Wrestling)- Chapman University with Provost’s Scholarship

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