📅16 August 2012
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By Regina Shiroma

Kotte’s Christina Duenas bump-sets the ball in their championship bout against IT&E/YPI. (photo by Jesse Castro)

The GHRA league crowned IT&E/YPI its volleyball champions Wednesday night after they defeated Kotte in straight sets 25-22, 25-15 at the UOG Field House.

Kotte came into the match as the defending champions, but IT&E/YPI came out as the aggressors as they stayed in the lead for much of the game.

Though a number of service errors gave away many points, IT&E/YPI rested behind the killing power of BJ Balajadia. Balajadia scored the first four points for his team with three kills and a tip down the line. With his kills going untouched in the first set, IT&E/YPI was able to take the win.

IT&E/YPI Anthony Borja reaches to send the attack to Kotte’s side of the net. (photo by Jesse Castro)

The second set saw much of the same action, except IT&E/YPI utilized their serves this time. Balajadia still on his killing streak, helped his team to pull away after being neck and neck at 8-all.

“It’s a team sport, I just I try to do anything that I can do to contribute, just that I was able to help,” said Balajadia of his ten plus kills.

A kill once more by Balajadia and an ace by Luis Mesngon put IT&E/YPI up 13-9.

Kotte’s Christina Duenas shocked and awed the crowd as she picked up two of Balajadia’s deadly hits into the crosscourt. A few plays later, Brendyn Padayao’s quick kill from the middle put IT&E/YPI up 21-13. Mesngon swinging away, killed the ball at the matchpoint to seal the win for IT&E/YPI.

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