📅01 May 2013
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By Regina Shiroma


Simon Sanchez’s Giselle Kho moved in to gain control of the ball away from Academy’s Mia Santos. (photo by Jesse Castro)

In the last minute of the game, the Simon Sanchez Sharks notched in a goal to tie the game at 2-all avoiding a loss to the Academy Cougars in the last week of the regular season. Evident in the score, teams saw even matchups on defense and offense, making it a struggle for either team to hold on to possession of the ball.

The second half saw Gemilie Ilao take the ball past the Sharks defense and shooting the ball into the upper left corner of the goal for her second score of the game to put her Cougars up 2-1. The Sharks were unable to capitalize on their many attempts at the goal, but finally in the eightieth minute, Daneesha Blas blasted a shot into the back of the net in a scuffle right in front of the goal. With what little time they had left, both teams tried to get in a goal for the win however time expired before they could do so.

In the first half, Sharks Maria Iriarte put the Sharks up 1-0 early in the fourth minute. Later in the 12th, Ilao shot in a grounder past the Sharks keeper to tie up the game.

The Sharks add a third tie to their record, 4-1-3, while the Cougars add a fourth tie, 4-1-4.

In another game, the JFK Islanders and St. John’s Knights tied as well 4-4.




Cougar’s Morgan Quinley in control of the ball ran downfield with Shark’s Giselle Kho closing in to stop her progress. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Cougar’s Gemilie Ilao gains control of the ball against Shark’s Franshay Shippey. (photo by Jesse Castro)


(photo by Jesse Castro)


Shark’s Maria Iriarte controlled the ball on a fast break to the goal while Cougar’s defenders move in to stop her. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Shark’s Shaeina Torres tried to head the ball towards the goal from an outfield pass from her teammate while Cougar’s Kaeliana Taitano attempts to defend. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Academy players gather around their coach for one last meet before the game against Simon Sanchez. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Simon Sanchez players gather together to hear their coach out before the game against Academy. (photo by Jesse Castro)

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