📅08 November 2013
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By Michael Cruz

NTSA Rugby

(courtesy photo)

Name: Peter Santos
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 5’8
Village: Barrigada
Parents: Michael and Vivian Santos
High School and Graduation Date: Allen High School (March 2011)
Years played at The University of Oklahoma: 1
Favorite Chamorro Dish: Chicken Kudu
Rugby Position: Halfback or First-Five Eighth
Current Occupation: Student

GSPN: What are you currently up to these days?

PS: As of right now, I’m in school studying architecture and playing rugby for the North Texas All Stars at halfback.

GSPN: How did you get into the sport of rugby?

PS: I first got into rugby during my senior year of high school when I was invited to play by one of my friends.

GSPN: Were you aware of how big rugby is on Guam? It is a high school sport and Guam has a national team.

PS: I have known how rugby has exploded into the community on Guam. I would like to travel back to see for myself. Maybe play a little and relax while I’m there.

GSPN: What do you love most about the game?

PS: I love every aspect of the game.  I like the tactical side of the game, the non-stop on the fly action, and the rush of scoring a try.

GSPN: You went head up against Zachary Pangelinan, who is from Guam.

PS: Zach and I met face to face when his men’s club side (Ombac) faced my club side (Dallas Harlequins) during the USA men’s national playoffs held in Las Colinas, Texas.

OU Rugby

(courtesy photo)

GSPN: What is your most memorable experience in Rugby?

PS: My most memorable rugby memory is when I played on national television representing the University of Oklahoma in the national collegiate rugby championship held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania my freshman year.

GSPN: What is your goal in the sport of rugby?

PS: My goal in rugby is basically to go as far as I’m capable of. If the USA national team or the Guam national team is within reach, I will take the opportunity. I would like to play overseas in Europe or New Zealand as well.

GSPN: Any advice for young aspiring rugby players.

PS: My advice for young aspiring athletes is put in the hard work, do the basics well, and take every opportunity that presents itself. There are always people watching and talking about you.

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