📅16 February 2013
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By Regina Shiroma

Michael Hocog

Michael Hocog tries to break free of the grips of the Southern defenders, while teammates push him forward and follow closely, readying to ruck. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

The GW Geckos scored a try in the last minute to runaway with the win 12-10 win over the Southern High Dolphins Saturday at the Okkodo field.

Nick Roberto put the Dolphins on the board first, diving to the middle of the try zone to make the score 5-0; the conversion was unsuccessful and the score remained.

Soon after, a knock-on by Roberto deep in Dolphin territory put the Geckos in position to score. Ruck after ruck, Geckos’ Michael Rosario was able to punch in their first try of the game. Trevin Santos kicked in the only conversion of the game that would eventually give the Geckos its two-point edge in the win.

In the ensuing kickoff, the Dolphins kicked the ball out of bounds marking the line-out at the Geckos’ 22. A few plays later, a penalty try was awarded to the Dolphins after GW defender, Frank Troy, was offsides while the Dolphins were right at the try line. Troy was yellow-carded, the half-time whistle was blown, and the Dolphins were ahead 10-7.

The second half almost went scoreless, as each team moved back and forth, taking turns with possession up and down the field. Though at a struggle right at the try line, the Geckos rucked their way into the try zone for the winning try of the game.



Frank Troy

Geckos Frank Troy was about to breakaway in this run, but was stopped by a Southern defender. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Storm Rosario

Storm Rosario gets taken down by a Dolphin defender. (photo by Errol Alegre, Jr.)

Michael Hocog

The Geckos and the Dolphins fight for the ball during a line-out in the pouring rain. (photo by Regina Shiroma)


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