📅30 May 2013
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By Patrick Lujan

Academy's Tana Ramos and Father Duenas' Michael Sakazaki are named the 2013 Scholar Athletes. (photo by Asha Robles)

Academy’s Tana Ramos and Father Duenas’ Michael Sakazaki are named the 2013 Scholar Athletes. (photo by Asha Robles)

Father Duenas’ Michael Sakazaki and Academy’s Tana Ramos have been named the 2013 Shieh Su Ying Scholar Athletes.

It is Dr. Tom Shieh’s 12th year to host the award in honor of his grandmother Shieh Su Ying who passed away from pancreatic cancer when he was in high school.

Sakazaki was the Boys Basketball MVP this season and All-Island First Team in volleyball. He has a wealth of international basketball experience playing for the Guam Junior National Team and was named the Oceania All-Star Basketball Team Captain. He’s already been accepted to the Chaminade basketball team.

“It starts from my family and the faith they instill in me,” said Sakazaki, who was still in shock of the selection. “My parents and grandparents instilled respect in me.”

Sakazaki has also had the unique international experience in his young life playing for Team Guam in junior basketball competition. He said playing in Italy, Australia, New Caledonia, Saipan and Okinawa has taught him things more than just screens and jumpers.

“Learning their culture and everything about it, not just from the basketball aspect but the universal aspect,” he said.

He added that playing sports made him have a daily routine where he couldn’t procrastinate with homework.

He also thanked GSPN for the coverage of high school sports.

“College coaches and recruits in the states say they see my photos and write-ups on GSPN so it’s really been helpful.”

Ramos was a First Team Soccer All-Island (10th-12th) and First Team Rugby All-Island (10th-11th) as well as a U16 soccer national player and a National Honor Society member.

She said the balancing act required to excel in both sports and academics took time but became a necessity in her studious drive.

“It was challenging throughout my high school life, but I’ve grown up doing both,” Ramos said. “Along the way, it became less of a burden and more of a catharsis. It was my release with all the stress going on through school. Sports helped me get away from all of that a little bit. My mind would be refreshed after sports to do my assignments.”

As for her future goals in life, the lessons learned in sports will only help.

“It creates a mindset to challenge yourself and better yourself in what you think are the most difficult obstacles.”

Ramos said she goes to for all her local sports information. “It’s the first place I go to to get results of games.”

The winners receive $1500.

The Outstanding Community Service Award went to GSPN reporter Nathaniel San Nicolas (FD) for his outstanding contribution in the community. He receives a $1000 to a charity of his choice.

All nominees received IPads. The 15 nominees have a combined 3.98 grade point average.

Boys Nominees
Sam Sotelo, Harvest (Bob Jones University)
Michael Sakazaki, FD (Chaminade University)
Argie Flores, St. John’s (Mapua Institute of Technology-Philippines)
Nate San Nicolas, FD (George Washington Univerity)
Zebediah Martin, FD (Stanford University)
Kaleb Cruz, GW (Hawaii Pacific University)

Girls Nominees
Naomi Blaz, JFK (Ashland University)
Felicia Alumbaugh, Harvest (University of Washington)
Jessa Madrid, Harvest (University of Guam)
Tana Ramos, Academy (University of California, San Diego)
Giselle Kho, Sanchez (University of Guam)
Maria Oviedo, Guam High (University of Guam)
Tatyana Ungacta, Harvest (Cal State Fullerton)
Demi Shimizu, Notre Dame (University Nevada Las Vegas)
Rayonna Quitugua, GW (University of Guam)

Biggest Upset in College Basketball

Legendary coach Merv Lopes shared his experiences as the keynote speaker. (photo by Asha Robles)

Legendary coach Merv Lopes shared his experiences as the keynote speaker. (photo by Asha Robles)

It was and still is considered the biggest upset in college basketball history. December 23, 1982 when Division III Chaminade Silverswords did the unthinkable by beating the then-No.1 Virginia Cavaliers and All-American Ralph Sampson.

The driver behind the wheel was coach Merv Lopes, who Dr. Shieh brought out as the keynote speaker for the banquet. Shieh was a student at Chaminade during those days and was in the stands during Silversword basketball games.

Coach Lopes shared his experience leading up to his memorable Chaminade days where he was fired twice before landing his $2000 job as a head coach of the small school.

He said his team never scouted other teams, “We just prepared ourselves to do what we needed to do. That’s what these athletes need to do first and things will happen. Do the simple things first and all the good things will work out.”

Coach Lopes shared his Five P’s that he picked up from Saturday Night Live, of all places. It is the message he shared with his players for years: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

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