📅14 January 2014
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By Robert Balajadia

The 2013 All-Island tennis winner Chloe Gadsden is on her final year of high school and she helped her Guam High Panther girls take down the St. John’s Knights 25-13, including an 8-1 win over Margaux San Nicolas.

All eyes will be on Gadsden this season (who even has a tennis recruiting profile here: which undoubtedly brings pressure.

Knights’ Margaux San Nicolas serves the ball to opponent Panthers’ Chloe Gadsden. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Knights’ Margaux San Nicolas serves the ball to opponent Panthers’ Chloe Gadsden. (photo by Jesse Castro)

“With all the hype behind me, there is always going to be pressure on me. I try not to think of it as pressure, instead I go into each match just doing my best. If I think of the pressure then I won’t get to play as well as I usually do,” said Gadsden.

Gadsden feels like her opponents try and elevate their game against her, but she rises to the occasion every time while trying to top herself as well.

“I believe every player tries to up their game against me. I do the same when I have to play the best players in the states. It’s good that there is no bad blood between the players because we have to see each other over and over again. You also play better when you’re not trying to go after someone and instead are just playing for yourself.:

The Knights were able to take the boys match 27-16, including an exciting match between Panthers Sidney Gadsden and Knights Anthony John which Gadsden won 8-3.

Here are the complete results from the singles and doubles matches:


Boys Division Singles

GH Sidney Gadsden 8, SJ Anthony John 3

SJ Tom Park 8, GH Noah Basurto Olsen 3


SJ Franklin Lee & William Lee 8, GH Daniel Perez & Tarik Cruz 3

SJ Fujin Shimoda & Kwang Jin Lim 8, GH Matthew Young & Zachary Phillips 2

Girls Division Singles

GH Chloe Gadsden 8, SJ Margaux San Nicolas 1

SJ Ariana Barreau 8, GH Caylin Hubble 1


GH Keri Brooks & Rachel Gonzales 8, SJ Christina Song & Eliana Yu 3

GH Elayne Apol & Nonique Mangune 8, SJ Hayley Ko & Bella Moon 1

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