📅14 September 2015
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By Michael Cruz

CSUSB _WS_Evaristo18-year-old Gabby Evaristo continued her soccer journey this past weekend and has accomplished quite a resume as a student athlete.

Evaristo started at midfielder for CSU Bernardino, who played the defending national champion Grand Valley State at 9:00 AM GST Saturday.

First, she is the second youngest player on the Guam Women’s Soccer team (Masakada) and has been a starter since 16. She is proud of her Chamorro heritage.

Second, she was born and raised on Guam. At 14, she made a decision and with the support of her parents to relocate to San Diego, California. She had success with Albion Soccer Club, which is very successful at the state and national youth level. She also played at Hoover High School. It was a struggle as the team only had 3 wins over 3 years.

Evaristo, during that time, improved her skill set. She was 1-of-100 high school girls in the country to be selected to play in the 2012 Puma Women’s Elite Showcase in Maryland. In 2014, she was hand selected by Hyundai USA for one of their 2014 World Cup commercials.

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She returned her senior year at Hoover. Her goal was accomplished as she signed a letter of intent to play Division II Soccer with Cal State San Bernardino on February 11, 2015. Gabby though still had unfinished business with her soccer team making a playoff push. The senior lead her team which had gained experience through the tough three seasons.

Hoover rallied to win four straight which included two playoff games. The season ended with a loss in CIF San Diego Section 2015 Girls Soccer Division V Championships. Evaristo was named first team Central League and Hoover won their first league championship.


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