📅06 September 2015
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One in a series of Guam athletes who endorse drinking water from the tap.

By John Wesley Jr.

You don’t need to be an avid sports enthusiast to recognize the name Derek Mandell.

The two-time Guam Olympian not only comes from a family of great athletes, but he is also a former Division I runner for the University of Portland and has garnered multiple medals in international competition. A little known fact about Mandell is that he is a frequent drinker of the island’s tap water. Tap is his beverage of choice when it comes to training runs and Mandell stresses the importance of drinking enough water. He may be able to out pace runners in races by his strong legs, but that’s not enough to beat Guam’s heat.

“You can’t train or perform at an optimal level unless you are well hydrated, especially on Guam,” advises Mandell.

Derek has committed to promoting tap water through Guam Waterworks Authority’s Millennial Tap Water Athletes campaign that highlights many of the island’s top athletes who currently drink from the tap. The goal is to encourage more residents and athletes alike to reduce the amount of waste from water bottles and to trust the water system on island as a safe resource.

“Don’t be scared to drink from the tap,” adds Mandell. “(Drinking tap) saves a lot of money, too.”

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