📅20 September 2015
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Third in a series of Guam athletes who endorse drinking water from the tap.

By John Wesley Jr.

If you weren’t hiding underneath a rock this year, then you probably heard about the Guam Matao making football (soccer) history right here on their home turf. The team, also known as the Guam Men’s National Team, won their first ever World Cup Qualifier match. Not only did they win their first match, they also went on to secure a second victory and now sit atop Group D in the Asian Football Confederation’s preliminary tournament according to Fifa.com. This is a huge accomplishment for the team representing the smallest of the Asian nations.

Leading the way for the Matao is Team Captain Jason Cunliffe. The 31 year-old Tamuning resident has been playing the sport for almost twenty-seven years and is currently the team’s goal and cap leader. He takes great pride in that title and even greater pride in growing the sport of football on Guam.

Another area in which Cunliffe wants to be a part of is the tap water movement being campaigned by the Guam Waterworks Authority. GWA works tirelessly to keep our tap water safe to drink and want the island’s residents to take full advantage of the resources available at the turn of a knob.

“Water not only plays a huge part in my training,” says Cunliffe, “but also in my life. Water is crucial to all life and too many people don’t get enough of it.”

As he and the rest of the Matao prepare for their next matches, Cunliffe wants to spread the message that if he can drink tap water, you can too. He is devoted to helping the government educate the community about the importance of staying hydrated.

“I remember drinking water from the hose as a kid and I realized I don’t see much of it these days. We need to do our best to limit our waste and drinking tap water is one way we can do just that. Love your island,” he states passionately, “show your love.”


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