📅07 January 2014
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By Michael Cruz

The 2nd GSPN High School Cup standings was finalized to determine the best all-around athletic program in the IIAGG for 2013-2014’s first half of the season. The cup counts football, cross-country, golf, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling, softball, tennis, rugby, track & field, and paddling (not counted was flag rugby or junior varsity sports).

The point system is as follows 5 points for All Island Champions and 1 point per playoff victory.

1st Quarter Results

Sharks douse Coach Naholowaa in celebration of their second championship victory. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Sharks douse Coach Naholowaa in celebration of their second championship victory. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Football– Sanchez 8, GW 2, Okkodo 1, Guam High 1

Boys Cross Country– JFK 5

Girls Cross Country– JFK 5

Boys Golf– St. Thomas 5

Girls Golf– St. Thomas Aquinas 5

Girls Volleyball– AOLG 8, Southern 2, St John’s 1, Sanchez 1,

1st Place– St. Thomas Aquinas 10, JFK 10

2nd Place– Sanchez 9

3rd Place– Academy 8

4th Place– GW 2, Southern 2,

5th Place– Okkodo 1, Guam High 1, St. John’s 1

2nd Quarter Results

Boys Soccer-Southern 8, JFK 2, St. John’s 2, Harvest 1

Girls Basketball– Southern 8, Academy 2, Notre Dame 2, GW 1

Baseball– Southern 8, Sanchez 2, Notre Dame 2, FD 1

Boys Wrestling– JFK 5

Girls Wrestling– Simon Sanchez 5

Standings after Two Quarters

1st Place – Southern 26 Points – The #5 seed baseball team surprised the league on the way to beating the defending champion Sharks.

The Dolphins girls basketball team won the rubber match with the Cougars that went into overtime. Finally, Boys Soccer edged out JFK 1-0 to complete the Soccer Title.

2nd Place – JFK 17 Points – Boys wrestling unseats the defending champs for five points. Earned two points with a nice run at a soccer championship.

3rd Place – Simon Sanchez 16 Points – The Sharks get five points for Girls Wrestling. Boys Baseball earned two points reaching finals.

4th Place – AOLG 10 Points – Great season making the basketball finals while earning two points for two post season wins.
St. Thomas Aquinas 10 Points – Apparently, playing golf and nothing else keeps you at 4th place.

5th Place – GW 3 points – Geckos earn one point with upset over Okkodo in Girl’s Basketball.
St. John’s 3 points – Knights 3rd place in soccer good enough for two points.

6th Place – Notre Dame 2 points – Royals baseball’s 3rd place playoff finish earns two points.

7th Place – Guam High, Harvest, Okkodo, FD 1 point- Harvest earns one point for 1st round win in Soccer, Friars earn 1 point for first round baseball.

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