📅09 June 2014
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By Michael Cruz

The 2nd annual GSPN High School Cup standings were finalized to determine the best all-around athletic program in the IIAAG for the 2013-2014′s season. The Cup counts football, cross-country, golf, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling, softball, tennis, rugby, track & field, and paddling (not counted was flag rugby or junior varsity sports).

The point system is as follows: 5 points for All-Island Champions and 1 point per playoff victory.

The final count is in and the Southern Dolphins finish the 2013-2014 as the top sports program on island!

1st Quarter Results

Football- Sanchez 8, GW 2, Okkodo 1, Guam High 1

Boys Cross Country: JFK 5

Girls Cross Country: JFK 5

Boys Golf: St. Thomas 5

Girls Golf: St. Thomas 5

Girls Volleyball: AOLG 8, Southern 2, St. John’s 1, Sanchez 1

2nd Quarter Results

Boys Soccer: Southern 8, JFK 2, St. John’s 2, Harvest 1

Girls Basketball: Southern 8, AOLG 2, ND 2, GW 1

Baseball: Southern 8, SS 2, ND 2, FD 1

Boys Wrestling: JFK 5

Girls Wrestling: Sanchez 5

3rd Quarter Results

Boys Tennis: St. John’s 5

Girls Tennis: Guam High 5

Boys Rugby: GW 7, FD 2, Sanchez 1, JFK 1

Girls Rugby: GW 8, AOLG 2, ND 1, Okkodo 1

Boys Basketball: FD 8, Okkodo 2, JFK 1, Guam High 1

Softball: Southern 7, GW 2, AOLG 2, JFK 1

4th Quarter Results

Boys Track and Field: JFK 5

Girls Track and Field: JFK 5

Girls Soccer: Southern 8, Guam High 2, ND 2, Sanchez 1

Boys Volleyball: Okkodo 8, FD 2, Harvest 2, JFK 1

Boys Paddling: Okkodo 5

Girls Paddling: Okkodo 5

Mixed Paddling: Okkodo 5


1st Place: Southern 41 Points – another repeat championship for girls soccer. The difference in the end was Southern’s 16 playoff wins.

Titles: girls basketball, boys soccer, baseball, softball, girls soccer

2nd Place: JFK 31 Points – Boys Volleyball earned one point for a playoff win. The Islanders sweep both boys and girls track.

Titles: boys cross country, girls cross country, boys wrestling, boys track and field, girls track and field

3rd Place: Okkodo 27 points – The paddling teams sweep all three groups with 15 points. The Bulldog’s great run to the boys volleyball title gains eight points.

Titles: boys volleyball, boys paddling, girls paddling, and mixed paddling.

4th Place: GW 20 points

Titles: boys rugby, girls rugby

5th Place: Simon Sanchez 18 Points – Sharks pick up one point in girls soccer.

Titles: football, girls wrestling

6th Place: AOLG 14 Points

Titles: girls volleyball

7th Place: FD 13 Points – The Friars earn two points for making boys volleyball finals.

Titles: boys basketball

8th Place: St. Thomas Aquinas 10 Points

Titles: boys golf, girls golf

9th Place: Guam High 9 points – girls soccer picks up two points.

Titles: girls tennis

10th Place: St. John’s 8 points

Titles- boys tennis

11th Place: Notre Dame 7 points- Royals pick up two points in girls soccer.

12th Place: Harvest 3 points – Third place finish in boys volleyball gains the Eagles two points.

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